Take a look into the foremost features of Leads Builder for any CRM

Track your WordPress Membership users in CRM

MemberPress is potentially easiest in a bunch of WordPress membership plugins with a feature of content dripping, access expiration, files restriction, pausing of membership, etc. It provides clear and relevant business reports to secure selling digital products. It also generates a front-end login page and administrative page for users which allows them to create, update, upgrade or cancel subscriptions from the website. A website which provides membership need to mandatorily track their members in the CRM for enhancing customer interaction with powerful CRM tools that exist today. We have added the functionality to capture the MemberPress fields and send them to your CRM with ease. The front-end login form created with the MemberPress field's text, email, dropdown, etc captures members information as WordPress users. The workflow of Leads builder for Any CRM Pro has been improved to sync the WP user as your CRM leads and contact. In this article, you can take a look into the foremost features of Leads Builder for any CRM.

  • WP Leads Builder For Any CRM
    WP Leads Builder For Any CRM

    It syncs both the existing and the newly registering members to your configured Salesforce, Zoho CRM, ZohoCRM Plus, Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Freshsales or Joforce CRM.


Get your WordPress Webform, WP User and WooCommerce data into Freshsales

WordPress Leads Builder for CRM captures Leads and Contacts from your WordPress widgets and plugins into your Freshsales CRM. You can move your existing customers, website visitors and information from WooCommerce checkout to appropriate Leads and Contacts fields of Freshsales CRM.


WooCommerce Integration

Sales campaigns are made simple with the integration of emails to follow up with personalized templates in Freshsales. WordPress Leads Builder for CRM made this further simple by building your CRM Leads and Contacts by directly updating the data entered in your eCommerce website into Freshsales. The mapping option helps to map the check page field with the CRM fields. Doing the correct mapping helps to capture the WooCommerce checkout page field info as Leads or Contacts from WordPress to the CRM.

Sync Webform Data

Leads Builder for CRM will never let your potential Leads and Contacts slip through the cracks. You can capture Leads and Contacts from the webforms embedded in Posts, Pages and Widgets of your website. Newsletter subscription, User registration and other Forms built with Gravity Form, Ninja Form and Contact Form 7 are integrated to fetch user data to Leads and Contacts modules of your Freshsales CRM.

WP User Conversion

Lead Builder for Any CRM has been configured to convert both existing and newly registering WordPress users as your Freshsales Leads and Contacts. Once configured, you can build your CRM Lead and Contact at the instant of their registration on your website. Lead Builder supports plugins like MemberPress, WP-Members and ACF fields to collect all the additional user information required to build your CRM’s Leads and Contacts.

Integrate Existing WebForms to send data to your CRM

Emails have become an integral part of every business tool like blood for the Human body. We have been using Emails to track everything including the data entered on the forms on your website. As long as you are a single person company with no necessity for data mining in the future, you can stick to the decade-old process. Businesses today need more information about the customer than just the content sent over the email. CRM has taken central place over all other customer management tools and it has become utmost important to keep customer data in a good CRM.

Lead builder for CRM has been enhanced to help you integrate all your pre-existing webforms already available in your website to be integrated easily with your CRM. It can be done with the forms built with Gravity Form, Ninja Form and Contact Form 7 with additional fields of MemberPress, WP-Members, and ACF Plugins. Get the integration done with 3 simple steps without touching any of your pages or posts.

  • 1. In CRM Forms, Click on Use Existing Form.
  • 2. Choose CRM module, third party form and map the form fields with the CRM fields.
  • 3. Click on Configure to capture and send the data to your CRM.

Analyse & Process Woocommerce Customer data inside Vtiger CRM

CRM software is getting more and more sophisticated day by day. The customer follow up process is made better with the effective use of Vtiger Mailchimp Integrations, which increases the Lead conversion rate. Leads Builder for CRM has been configured to maintain all the customer data in a unique location by pushing your WooCommerce data into Vtiger CRM in the way you want.


The customer information can be captured as leads or directly as contacts into your Vtiger CRM. We would advise you to use

  • a) Contact option, if you are having a Cash on Delivery and do manual user conversion in CRM, and
  • b) Lead for automated Conversion option if you have online payment.

Automated CRM Lead Conversion

Leads Builder for CRM has been configured to synchronize your customer information from WooCommerce as your CRM Lead while checkout and convert them as Contact once the payment is complete. It helps you to easily manage and analyze your customer data in a centralised CRM location.

Automated CRM Contact Capture

Leads Builder for CRM helps you to build your CRM contact from your eCommerce website built with WooCommerce. The details from the WooCommerce checkout are synchronized as your CRM Contacts. You can map the WooCommerce fields to the fields of your CRM contacts in eCommerce integration.

Automated CRM Sales order

Leads Builder for CRM automates your CRM sales order after the successful payment of your WooCommerce product order. It automatically updates the Vtiger product details of quantity,lead owner, in stock details, price, etc. It also converts the Lead as your CRM contacts and deletes the information from your CRM Leads module.

How to guide: Free WordPress Vtiger Lead capture plugin

An easy to use plugin integrates WordPress contact form captured directly to Vtiger CRM as leads/contacts. WP-Tiger plugin helps to easily capture leads to Vtiger CRM from your WordPress through a contact form. Shortcodes are available to generate forms to be displayed in Page, Post. And also separate shortcodes available for widget display in sidebars and other widget areas as well.


  • Generate Vtiger WordPress forms with or without web forms.
  • Supports Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Use Vtiger wordpress plugin forms in Page, Post, pop ups, optins or Widgets.
  • Captures potential leads to Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and Salesforce.
  • Redirects User to the desired page after form submission.
  • Notification on success or failure of lead capture.
  • Vtiger plugins convert new Users as your CRM leads.

In the Pro version you can enjoy the most advanced features. Unlike the free version, the pro version uses Web services to communicate with Vtiger CRM.

  • Capture both lead and contacts from WordPress to Vtiger CRM.
  • Change the position order of the fields from the WP dashboard itself.
  • Change the display label of the fields.
  • Set mandatory fields using WP-Tiger Pro options.
  • Add Captcha feature to reduce the risk of spambots.
  • Can generate shortcodes separately for the page/post and mini widget forms to accommodate within any theme sidebar. So no design modification needed.
  • You can sync old registered members to Vtiger CRM contacts.

Additional Features for Free Version

Feel free to request the new features. Requested features will be added in the next release based on the effort involved. Additional features are under development. Please check back again for updated versions.

How to Install WP-Tiger in WordPress

WP-Tiger is very easy to install like any other WordPress plugin. No need to edit or modify anything here.

  • 1. Unzip the file ‘wp-tiger.zip’.
  • 2. Upload the ‘ wp-tiger ‘ directory to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory using an FTP client or upload and install wp-tiger.zip through plugin install wizard in WP admin panel.
  • 3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • 4. After activating, you will see an option for ‘wp-tiger’ in the admin menu (left navigation).

How to configure WP-Tiger

Prior to the CRM configuration, you need to install the corresponding addons on your needs. We’re providing you with 4 different CRM integrations namely, Vtiger, Zoho, Salesforce, SugarCRM integration. The CRM integration gets extended with another 4 integrations as Joforce, Zoho Plus, Freshsales, Suite CRM. Yet the extended integrations available only in the Pro version. Need now? Check it Below

Before getting started, make sure to activate the WordPress Vtiger addon in your WordPress Website. Download it here. Upon activation, go to the CRM Configuration, where you can choose Vtiger CRM in the dropdown menu. Vtiger CRM asked for your CRM URL, Username, and Access Key. Hit “Save CRM Configuration” to proceed to the Leads field to sync successfully.

Now your Leads builder is integrated with Vtiger CRM and you’re redirected to CRM forms. CRM form creation is available only in the Pro pack. If you upgrade it to Pro, you’re able to create the Lead form, contact form and can use the existing forms. Existing forms can do with add-ons and you can use your modules as leads or contacts.

Click on the Form settings tab, it’s for debugging. There you asked for a log that indicated success, failure, or both the status. You can notify via a specific email id. Don’t forget to enable Debug mode. If you upgrade to Pro, you can utilize google Recaptcha mode with private and public access key.

Tap on the next tab WP Users sync. For custom fields, you need to upgrade to the Pro version. It includes WP members, ACF, ACF pro, Memberpress, Ultimate Members. You can sync the lead module or contact in the respective dropdown box. Then you need to map users’ fields with lead fields by clicking Configure mapping.

Mapped successfully shown in the popup box. Both E-Com Integration and Customer Insight available in the pro version as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why WP tiger free?
    This plugin helps you to capture leads using a form or widget directory to your Vtiger CRM. Also, you can optionally catch or sync from the WP members database to Vtiger CRM.
  • 2. How to install wp-tiger?
    Like other plugins, wp-tiger is easy to install. Upload the wp-tiger.zip file through the plugin install page through WP admin. Everything will work fine with it.
  • 3. How to configure wp-tiger?
    In the CRM Configuration section, provide your vtiger CRM URL, username and Access key. Save the CRM configuration, it will redirect to the ‘CRM Forms’ tab.
  • 4. How to create form in a page/post?
    After settings are configured, go to the form fields menu. Choose the fields to display and save. Now you can copy & paste the shortcode [display_contact_page] in any page/post.
  • 5. How to create a form for the widget?
    Select any one form short code or create a new Lead/Contact form shortcode from the 'CRM forms' tab. Click ‘Form Options’. In the 'Form Type' field choose ‘Widget’ from the dropdown and save the form settings. Copy the shortcode displayed in the form settings header tab. Paste the shortcode [display_widget_area] for widget in any page/post/widget area.
  • 6. Why I am getting “Failed to add entry in to Vtiger CRM. Error Code: INVALID_USER_CREDENTIALS, Error Message: Invalid username or password”?
    This is because the access key is not the same in Webforms.config.php as in my preferences. You need to get the correct access key from Vtiger CRM My preferences and replace it in “yourvtiger/modules/Webforms/Webforms.config.php”.
  • 7. How member capturing works?
    By default, email, first name, and last name are captured if available. In case of a default WP member, the last name will be username with email is captured as a lead. This works well with any membership plugin. No even worry about what type of member plugin is used.

Leads Builder for CRM free version is available at wordpress.org plugin directory. You can try our 24 hours free trial or head on to our live demo and have a look at the plugin in use there. Learn more about how you can capture more leads and contacts with Leads Builder for CRM from your WordPress site on our documentation page.

For more information, kindly contact our technical support at email [email protected]

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