How to guide : Free WordPress vtiger -Lead capture plugin

An easy to use plugin integrates WordPress contact form captured directly to Vtiger CRM as leads/contacts. WP-Tiger plugin helps to easily capture leads to Vtiger CRM from your WordPress through a contact form. Shortcode are available to generate forms to be displayed in Page, Post. And also separate shortcode available for widget display in sidebars and other widget areas as well.


  • Admin can fetch Vtiger CRM lead/contact fields directly to WordPress forms.
  • Options to enable/disable and make fields mandatory.
  • Short code to integrate form in post / page.
  • Separate short code to integrate form even as a widget in sidebar.
  • Capture WP members to Vtiger CRM contacts.


In the Pro version you can enjoy most advances features like

  • Unlike free version, the pro version uses Web services to communicate with Vtiger CRM.
  • Capture both lead and contacts from WordPress to Vtiger CRM.
  • Change the position order of the fields from the WP dashboard itself.
  • Change the display label of the fields
  • Set mandatory fields using WP-Tiger Pro options.
  • Add Captcha feature to reduce risk of spam bots.
  • Can generate shortcodes separately for the page/post and mini widget forms to accommodate within any theme sidebar. So no design modification needed.
  • You can sync old registered members to Vtiger CRM contacts.Vtiger MailChimp Integration

Additional Features for Free Version

Feel free to request for the new features. Requested features will be added in next release based on the effort involved. Additional features are under development. Please check back again for updated versions.


How to Install WP-Tiger in WordPress

WP-Tiger is very easy to install like any other WordPress plugin. No need to edit or modify anything here.

  1. Unzip the file ‘’.
  2. Upload the ‘ wp-tiger ‘ directory to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory using an FTP client or upload and install through plugin install wizard in WP admin panel.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. After activating, you will see an option for ‘wp-tiger’ in the admin menu (left navigation).


How to configure WP-Tiger

Just add details to Vtiger CRM db host name, db credentials, URL path and Application key. Db host name is the location of your vtiger db, the db username and password. URL path is the path to to your vtiger install. Application key is from the file from the root of your Vtiger CRM install.


Screen Shots 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why WP tiger free?
    This plugin helps you to capture leads using a from or widget directory to your Vtiger CRM. Also you can optionally catch or sync from WP members database to Vtiger CRM.
  2. How to install wp-tiger?
    Like other plugins wp-tiger is easy to install. Upload the file through plugin install page through WP admin. Everything will work fine with it.
  3. How to configure wp-tiger?
    In the plugin settings provide your vtiger crm db host name, db credentials, url path and Application key. Save, it will redirect to form fields tab.
  4. How to get Vtiger CRM Application key?
    You can get the application key from the vtiger crm file from the root.
  5. How to create form in a page/post?
    After settings are configured, go to form fields menu. Choose the fields to display and save. Now you can copy & paste the shortcode [display_contact_page] in any page/post.
  6. How to create a form for widget?
    Go to widget fields menu. Choose the fields to display and save. Now you can copy & paste the shortcode [display_widget_area] for widget in any page/post.
  7. Why I am getting “Failed to add entry in to Vtiger CRM. Error Code: INVALID_USER_CREDENTIALS, Error Message: Invalid username or password”?
    This is because the access key is not same in Webforms.config.php as in my preferences. You need to get the correct access key from Vtiger CRM My preferences and replace it in “yourvtiger/modules/Webforms/Webforms.config.php”.
  8. How member capturing works?
    By default, email, first name and last name are captured if available. In case of a default WP member, last name will be username with email is captured as a lead. This works well with any membership plugin. No even worry about what type of member plugin is used.


Support and Feature requests.

For quick response and reply please create issues with our support instead of the WordPress support forum. Support in WordPress is not possible for now.

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