How to get free wordpress ultimate csv importer plugin

August 13, 2017

How to import data from an existing CSV into WordPress as Page, Post or any Custom Post Types using WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin in seconds. Download Free Plugin from

wp csv importer

The Pro version of the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin has many more features like

  1. Bulk products import for WP-eCommerce  plugin in few clicks.
  2. Bulk products import of e-shop  plugin in few clicks.
  3. Custom Taxonomy
  4. Bulk Nested Categories import.

And more flexible features like update, delete already uploaded post on single click and duplicate detection, etc. Please refer relevant post for the detailed features of PRO Version of Ultimate CSV Importer.

Please don’t forget to give your rating and feedback for these free plugin.

  1. When I upload something with an accent (like é) the import text gets clipped. Can you fix this?

  2. Regarding my last comment, I figured out that if I convert the csv file to UFT-8 in notepad++ after saving it in Excel, it works fine.

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