How to Backup your WordPress Website

WordPress backup is making a copy that you can restore when something goes wrong. Your post, comment, link are there in your wordpress database. If your database gets corrupted then the data inside it will get erased. If you have a proper wordpress backup, then you don’t lose any data. You can restore it quickly when it went wrong. You can restore the data manually and by using plugins. This can be done by two methods - cPanel and SFTP. Let's discuss the methods here.


What does a wordpress backup contain:

The WordPress site has two components: First your WordPress files. Which contains Theme/plugin files, media, etc… This helps to provide additional functionality and gives structure to your website.
Secondly, the MySQL database which is for storing the blog posts, comments, links, etc. These two components make the wordpress website. If we take WordPress backup which contains the entire data which is present in the database.

Manual Method for Wordpres Backup:

1. For manual method of wordpress backup, first you need to take backup for the files and database. Files get stored inside the web host server. Via cPanel and FTP you can access them.

  • Accessing cPanel you must have your host account password and username. Because this can access through your hosting account.
  • SFTP is a software that uses SSH encryption to protect your data. This needs the host, password, username and port of your hosting account.

2. Database backup is possible through phpmyadmin. It also needs the host account credentials. If you do not have cPanel access, then you can install phpmyadmin.

If this setup is ready, then you can start your wordpress backup. Before starting, you have to create a folder. In order to store the backuped data.

WordPress Backup Via cPanel:

This is one of the easy method for wordpress backup. For this, all you need is your host login credentials.

  • First, log in to your hosting account and goto cPanel. This is the first page after your login.
  • Then move to File Manager, which leads you to the home directory.
  • Next, you just locate your wordpress directory and this is the folder that you want to backup.
  • Directly, you can’t download the wordpress directory in the file manager. You have to compress it and it is not that much complicated.
  • Just click on the wordpress directory and choose compress from the menu bar. After that, you need to choose the compression type e.g zip, Tar, etc. From that type choose zip.
  • Then click the files that you want to compress and wait for the process to complete. Once the process completed, your zip file will automatically be saved on the server.
  • Now, select the compressed file and click on the download from the menu. Finally, choose a location and save your backup.

Backup via SFTP:

This wordpress backup process is by using a file manager like FileZilla or Transmit. This file manager is easy to use. For this method, you have to install the application on your pc. After installation, use your SFTP login credentials from your hosting account.

Then login to your file manager and give the details of your website. That contains your nickname, your website URL, FTP username and password. Also, you need to change the port number to 2222.

Once you logged in, you will see all your website files. You just select the file you want to backup >> Right click >>” Download selected items ”.

After downloading, check whether the files are zipped up or not. Then give a name to that file. This is the manual method for wordpress backup.

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