Grab more Customers and Retain existing Customers with Woocommerce email templates using Email Customizer Premium

October 12, 2016

WooCommerce Product Based Email

“Every satisfied Customer is a Potential lead” – There is a huge chance for an existing customer to buy again from you. A survey shows there is 27% of chance for second purchase from a customer. As Marketers concentrates to acquire more new leads nearly 40% of the profit are from returning customers.

Retaining existing customers is not an easy task considering the varied expectations of the customers. A customer must continuously use the product bought and be satisfied with the product or services.

Every communication with the customer matters for the retentions and reconversion. It is good to make as much information available to the customer over email. This mandates the importance of sending pointed emails specific to the Product the customer has bought or interested in. “Sending emails to customer, based on Product. Are you Joking?”

No, It is possible. We understand it is not an easy task and is not possible manually. Hence, We at Smackcoders have enhanced our Email Customizer an WooCommerce add-on to send WooCommerce order status emails based on Product/Category.

Email Customizer Premium helps you to retain your existing customers by Personalized Pitching Woocommerce order emails based on products or categories. Customize WooCommerce email templates into a driving Marketing Campaign Email with Email Customizer Premium.

Visit Email Customizer for Woocommerce for more details on the Premium version and Email Customizer Documentation for configuration and How-to work with it. If you have any queries or doubts please feel free to mail us at [email protected] or ping us at @smacksupport via Skype.