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August 13, 2017

About the Plugin

A powerful plugin that includes micro data with extended authors social profiles. Micro data is highly recommended by google than micro data. Also don’t mix up both micro data and micro format as by google guidelines. So if you use plugins that includes micro format please avoid this plugin or uninstall the other one.

Googel Seo Author Snipet settings page screenshot

Google SEO Author Snippet Plugin will turn your site to shows google structured data in search results. This Plugin is specially built for SEO and social perspective of WordPress sites. Allows admin to enable / disable which social profile to be shown. Each author can display their social profile links next to “posted by author” detail or leave it empty to show nothing. Also registered users and authors can display social profiles in comments

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Requirements and License Details

Requires at least: 3.4

Tested on: 3.4.2

Stable tag: 1.0.0

License: GPLv2 or later

License URI:

Google SEO Author Snippet Plugin gives you both SEO and social advantage.

  •     Allow authors to display their social profile links next to “posted by author” detail.
  •     Includes google+ profile with recommended rel=”author” tag.
  •     Includes Facebook, twitter and Linkedin profiles in micro data (schema / snippet view /     google structure data)
  •     And also can add their geo-location details in micro data.
  •     Can disable one of these by leaving it as empty.
  •     Also both registered users and authors can display their profiles in comments.


SEO and Social Advantages

  •     SEO benefits to increase your rank by default.
  •     Displays your content in search results as google structured data, increase CTR.
  •     Real social advantage makes users to go social.
  •     Encourage users to register even to comment a post.
  •     Keeps social lovers stay in your site as to get build their social relationships.
  •     Serves as a great resource to find and build social networking.
  •     In overall reduces the bounce rate. Turns every visitor into a unique and frequent user.

Planned Feature and Recommended for WP admins

Can display a list of authors and users with their social profiles in a page or post. This will serve like a Social Profile cum user directory. You can use an existing plugin for now. As we have planned to add this in future release. And that will be within couple of weeks. Also encourage your visitors to register to get listed here. Or lock this content for registered users only. Don’t forget to keep a catchy social share buttons on top and bottom of content to get viral. By this you can gain more free traffic.

News Update

Some crucial updates and features are going on at Smackcoders. Can expect an outcome within a couple of weeks. Please check back again. If you have a feature request mail us.

Support and Feature requests.

Have request and ideas. Mail us immediately we can implement in our near future release. Mail us to [email protected] for any support or feature request.

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