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SugarCRM is a proprietary Customer Relationship Management software and also, a top rated software. In fact, a wide range of business populations is using it. Moreover, it is a reputed customer relationship management company. To clarify, it's known for personalized solutions to diverse and multifaceted organizations.


SugarCRM has unfolded to shelter every possible characteristic of customer management. In addition, it made the marketing and sales process simple. Furthermore, it captivates powerful files of viable operation starting from marketing cycle. To clarify, this captivation is for customer retention. Moreover, this crm serves a broad range of industries. Most importanly, its named as hassle free customer relationship management software. Above all, this single platform is the forerunner of many other profitable CRMs. Accordingly, this crm envisioned customer requirements before others. In other words, it is the reason for their big achievement.

Know about SugarCRM

SugarCRM provides an exceptional Customer Relationship Management Platform. That is to say, it helps marketers and customer experience professionals. Besides, it also supports business owners, enterprises and companies of diverse industries. Moreover, comprehensive package and standalone options are available for buying originated SugarCRM.

The Solutions for Customer Relationship Management

Truly, any organization can manage their business in a single user-friendly SugarCRM platform. Further, some of the major features of Sugarcrm are:

In fact, the most highlighted flexibility of using this crm is least reporting. Of course, little clicking and least problem are also a great convenience. Besides, this crm platform performs day-to-day tasks of Customer Support. In addition, it deals with Marketing, Sales and Service team activities.

History of SugarCRM

SugarCrm made the business industry to put in place all their business necessities. To clarify, it casts your needs on to crm platform over a period of time.

Inception of Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is a software company, started in April 2004. Accordingly, with the name Sugar by three individuals based in California. Indeed, they were developing web application Sugar. Besides, also creating a customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Different Types

CRM, also known as Sugar Customer Relationship Management Software serves diverse industries. In fact, it serves organization who are seeking for custom-made business applications. Further, the company evolved by multiple redefining editions. Besides, it also got split with respect to target users.

Old Community Editions of SugarCRM

Generally SugarCRM sells the CRM platform under following major categories, they are:

SugarCRM declared in a blog post that no more releases of newer open source version in 2014. Additionally, they will only fix bugs for Community Edition applications. That is to say, this enraged the developers community. Moreover, in April 2018, another blog post made an announcement. Equally important, that they had officially stopped the Community Edition Open Source project.

Premium Plans of SugarCRM

SugarCRM platform is available with 6 different premium options. Furthermore, there are divisions based on the solution provided. And also the level of support provided and number of users. In addition, these 3 features pack is available in the following plans:

Sugar Serve is available in 2 upgraded tiers as standalone solutions. Besides, their plans are for per month, per user basis. Further, specific plan provides free trial and additional paid products are also available.

The latest upgraded version is Sugar Serve 11.0.0 (Q2 2021) with many enhancements from 10.3 (Q1 2021). Most importantly, they moved out many of the older versions from Supporting services. Above all, SugarCRM advises its users to upgrade their versions.

Requirements for Sugar CRM Installation

Sugar products uses LAMP stack. To clarify it is a collection of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Besides, multiple variants can run the platform with compatible databases and web servers.

Latest Linux version contains all the above components. Moreover, they also included Microsoft Web Platform installer for Windows OS. To clarify, SugarCRM application installer is web based and unzipping the downloaded file. Further, it downloads in the web server root prompts a step-by-step procedure. Above all, no requirements for special hardware. That is to say, not required anything extra for getting up the instance and running the same is easy.

Benefits of using Sugar CRM

Customized applications are the most demanded solution for executing your business needs. Specifically Marketing Program, Sales Growth, Manage Databases, etc,. Moreover Acquisition, Servicing and Retaining Customers. Most importantly, other benefits of Sugarcrm includes:

Wrapping Up

SugarCRM is suitable for any company that requires a more custom made platform. In other words, organizations looking for increasing the business performance will need this. Further, Community Editions were highly supported by the developer community. Consequently, ending the open source is a great turn over for everyone. However, the company created a brand and users trust them. Besides, industries still longing for their quality and standard of solutions they provide. Here you can get SugarCRM Integrations. If you have any questions or enquiries, please write to us [email protected]

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