Get rid of boring PDF templates, design your own

May 15, 2018

Whether your business is related to product sales or service or any other, Invoicing is something you have to do at the final stage, on successful completion of the project. It act as the last point of contact with your customers and opens a new door to create lasting impression on your customers.


Long gone are the days, where we used Excel or Word to create invoices. Today, there are many tools available online that help to design our own templates, rather than using a predefined template. But it will also become a time consuming one when you deal with more no. of customers. Thinking… How???

However the templates are readily made available, you need to copy the essential invoice information from your CRM and fill out into the template. It’s not a good choice, right? So you need to do all this right from your CRM to avoid hassles.

PDF Maker for Vtiger CRM – To craft and share your own PDF templates for all the standard modules of your Vtiger CRM.

Design Template

PDF Maker lets you design your own templates for different modules of Vtiger CRM. You can design the Header, Body and Footer section of your template individually. You can easily create as many templates as you need for a single module. Easy to add your own Company and Product information.

Automate data filling

As PDF Maker is right inside your CRM, you no longer need to manually enter data into your template. Go to the detail view of the appropriate CRM record and click on Export as PDF, PDF Maker automatically fetches the record data and fill it in the template, and you can get your final invoice as downloaded.

Seamlessly share

The whole point of designing invoices is to share with your customers. With PDF Maker, you can do that too. Just click on the Send Email option to share your Invoice or any other PDF template with your customers.

Archive as documents

Make a copy of your PDF templates in CRM documents for future reference. You can also download the PDF templates right from the there.

Grab your PDF Maker now and Start designing your own PDF Templates!