Get More Of Your MailChimp Inside Vtiger CRM

May 4, 2016

Vtiger MailChimp Integration has again pushed the boundaries of standard Vtiger CRM functionality from our previous enhancements. The latest upgrade gives you more control which you do in your email marketing software MailChimp to be done inside Vtiger CRM.

MailChimp list & Campaign within Vtiger CRM

Vtiger MailChimp Integration lets you to keep your MailChimp list up-to-date with email contacts who have opted in to receive your Campaigns. The salesman with access to the Vtiger MailChimp Integration module have complete access to your MailChimp list from your Vtiger CRM even if they don’t have the MailChimp user accounts. The salesman can create lists, groups and groupings from your Vtiger CRM and send it to your MailChimp account. The list created by user in MailChimp can also be fetched to your Vtiger CRM along with the groups and groupings.

MailChimp list information

You can create your MailChimp Campaigns within the Vtiger CRM in the Vtiger CRM Campaign module. You can create any type of campaign and send it to your MailChimp account. The Campaigns in the MailChimp can also be fetched to your Vtiger CRM.

Campaign details

View Reports inside Vtiger CRM

Stop all your marketer from juggling between Vtiger CRM and MailChimp. Yes everyone with access to the MailChimp module can now check and analyse all the campaign reports like clicks, opens, bounce, unsubscribed and more inside the CRM. You need not have multi user accounts or share your MailChimp user accounts, if they just need to view the Campaign Reports. You can also Share Reports without giving the MailChimp user accounts but you have to invite people to share reports each time you send a campaign, Vtiger MailChimp Integration makes this simple by embedding the reports in module dashboard.

MailChimp Campaign Reports

You can try out in live demo and write to us your feedback at [email protected]. You can visit the product page and documentation to know more about the features. If you want the integration to be customized for your instance feel free to contact us.