Gain insight to grab more customer with enhanced Leads Builder for CRM

April 3, 2017

Discovering the style of your customer flow in your WooCommerce website can provide a great deal of insight into their buying behavior. The enhanced Leads Builder for CRM, gives you a complete idea on your customer’s WooCommerce journey in your website. With customer data in hand you can have better engagement, higher loyalty rate and market insight.

Capture Leads to CRM

Track all your website visitors

Leads Builder for CRM helps you to keep an eye on your visitor’s WooCommerce activity click by click. With the reports you can analyze where the customer drops out in your WooCommerce purchase flow. Each clicks of an individual customers are tracked separately.

Know more about your customer

Identify each individual user activity like never before. A simple graph and activity table gives you the customer info like spent time, country, orders, purchased amount, status of the purchase and more.

Capture Leads to CRM

Understand your audience

Discover the entire WooCommerce journey of your customer. With data captured you can analyze the rate of successful & failure payments, add to cart and abandon cart. So you can optimize your website to reduce the Leads falling through cracks. You can also bring back customers, with the abandon cart customer information synced as your CRM Lead.

Send more info into your CRM

With enhanced Leads Builder for CRM you can send your analytic code or any default field in hidden field into your CRM. With which you can identify which form embedded in your website grabs more qualified Leads. You can also enable your Contact Form 7 to send your customer information and  attachment file to Zoho CRM.

Now you can try it for yourself in our live demo environment or download our FREE version in You can take a 24 hours FREE trial to setup your own environment with all your active WordPress add-ons.

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