Faster and Easy Backup of WordPress Website – Introducing the Ultimate Exporter

September 14, 2017

“ONLINE SHOPPING” – One of the popular way of shopping nowadays. In just a decade, online shopping has gone from virtually non existent to worth billion of pounds. According to a survey, eight-in-ten Americans are shopping online. There are numerous online stores available today, we can buy anything, if we just have the internet access.


One such popular online store among e-marketers is WooCommerce. It changes your simple WordPress Website into an online store. But what’s really happening at the backend? We all know as many as products are available online, but the worst part is, it is difficult to manage the store with that much of products. However a small mistake can ruin your entire website. So backing up your WooCommerce website is essential. But backups ?? Just hearing it, you may think of your valuable time wasted on a bunch of complicated process.

Introducing Ultimate Exporter Pro – To make your daunting task into a more easy one. With the Ultimate Exporter, you can easily take complete backup of your WooCommerce website.

Why backup matters and when you need them

Let’s see some of the cases where backup is essential,

Running major Updates : Although we expect a smooth updation process, we can’t always predict the outcome. By the time, having a fresh backup of your Website on hand means that you can easily roll back to a working version in no time if you spy any problem.

Event of Catastrophe : In case of server failure or may be the accidental deletion of any important files. Oops! Make your entire Website to collapse.

So Backups definitely save you from data loss and most importantly lost sales in such cases. And It’s quite simple with Ultimate Exporter. With the more simple & easy steps, you can easily backup your WordPress Website in just a single click. Here is the list of features,

Easy data backup of different WordPress modules

Say bye-bye! To your boring and daunting task of Website backup. Use Ultimate Exporter and get your backup in no time. You can export all your data of Post, Page, Custom Post, User, Comments, WooCommerce and much more. You can choose the module of your choice and easily get the data backup.

Isolated data backup

With the number of data culling filters, you can easily export only the selective data from your WordPress.

  • Auto Delimiters
  • Specific Period
  • Post Status
  • Authors
  • Specific Inclusions

More advanced features

A single option will no longer fits all, so we decided to provide with varied set of options. Now with Ultimate Exporter, you can get your WordPress Website data in 4 different types like CSV, XML, JSON and XLS. And you also export the data on the whole on a single file or split the data and export.

Scheduled export

Taking backup is essential, but doing this manually every time can be tedious. So we’ve introduced the scheduling option to run the backup process automatically without any intervention.

Interested? Write to us at [email protected] and find out how Ultimate Exporter helps you to save you from the horror of data loss.