Extend the Boundaries of YetiForce CRM with QuickBooks, Duplicate Merger & Google Calendar Integration

Today we are happy to introduce out-of-the-box customization tools for YetiForce – Yeti QuickBooks Integration, Yeti Google Calendar Sync and Yeti Smart Duplicate Merger.

YetiForce Integration

Integrations for YetiForce CRM automates most of your work and help you get it done with ease. The integration extends the limitations on the default functionalities.  

Automate Duplicate Detection:

As your business grows, so does the workload and data management. You can lose track on the uniqueness of the data stored in your CRM. Yeti Smart Duplicate Merger will help you keep your CRM clean and well optimized. The integration automates the process of duplicate check & merge, it detects identical record and adds the useful info to the primary record before deletion. You can prevent two salesman working on the same lead and thereby increase productivity.

QuickBooks Data Transfer:

Yeti QuickBooks Integration automatically brings your existing data together in one place with one time initial setup. Keeping the data updated in one place will help you take deeper business insights and focus on what matters most. The later updates wither in CRM or QuickBooks will be synced periodically without any manual efforts. And the data updated are transferred are securely processed with QuickBooks API version 3.

Calendar Sync:

Google Calendar makes it easy to keep track of all your life’s events in one place. Yeti Google Calendar Sync helps you to keep track of your sales calls, meetings or important steps in customer journey by integrating your CRM events with the Google Calendar. You can sync the events from the specific start date in the years of your calendar events. You can track all the sync information in the logs module for better data management.

To know more about the integration read our Product page,

  • Yeti QuickBooks Integration
  • Yeti Smart Duplicate Merger
  • Yeti Google Calendar Sync

You can contact us at [email protected] for any YetiForce CRM customization and assistance in integrating your tools with your CRM. We are happy to help you and get your things done with ease.

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