Enhanced Xero Vtiger Integration with the support for Vtiger 7

September 21, 2017

In a world of fierce competition with the rapidly changing trends and ever increasing customer expectations, it is paramount for many companies to ensure the seamless customer experience for a successful business growth. To achieve this, your salespeople should have the complete visibility of all your data at the point of contact with the customers.


Let’s look at the importance of the complete data visibility with the following case. Whenever your sales team closes a deal, the accounting department needs complete information about the deal to generate & send sales invoices to customers. After the invoice is sent, in case if the customer need some clarifications, he/she will reach out the support team. By the time your support team should know the complete invoice details, in order to satisfy your customer needs.

So your sales, support and accounting teams must constantly rely on one another’s information. However, without the CRM and accounting integration tool, they must share the information over email, chat, documents or any other resource. It’s not just wastes the time, but also may lead to some typo errors or redundant information. Sometimes it may also lead to stall or lose a deal.

Here comes the Xero Vtiger Integration, eliminates all these issues and automatically mirrors the data between your Vtiger CRM and Xero accounting software. Now Xero Vtiger Integration support the Vtiger CRM 7.

Speed up your sales process

Now you no longer need to wait for any information from your accounting team, all the information are sync automatically and let you to have the most recent info within your CRM to serve your customers. With the Xero Vtiger Integration, you can easily solve all your customer queries with the latest information and close the deal at a faster rate.

Get up-to-date and more accurate info

Sharing the accounting information over docs or email can be daunting, especially if your accounting team spots some mistakes on the invoice after it is send to the customers. Every time they need to manually send the revised invoice to sales and support team. But this not the case with Xero Vtiger Integration. The data are automatically updated in the Vtiger CRM and helps to keep your CRM data clean.

2-way sync

With Xero Vtiger Integration, you can bidirectionally sync Products, Invoice, Contacts and much more between your Vtiger CRM and Xero accounting software. You can either trigger the data sync at the instant or you can also schedule the sync process, to keep your records updated without much effort.

Integrating your Vtiger CRM and accounting software Xero lets your sales, support and accounting teams to exchange information seamlessly and thereby increases the productivity. So What are you waiting for? Try it out to help your team’s to be more productive. Kindly write to us your feedbacks at [email protected] or Please leave your comments below.