Enhanced Vtiger HRM – The complete HR solution for your business

November 1, 2017

Whether your business is small or big, HR system is critical for any fast-growing company. As your company started to grow, the responsibilities of your HR team grows as well. Company’s growth is great, but it also means more onboarding, more time sheets, etc,. So, how can a HR team handle this growing workload efficiently, with only so many hours in a day? Let’s discuss..


Human Resources Department (HR) is perhaps one of the most crucial functions within any business organisation, as they’re responsible for the welfare of the employees. Here are the four important internal process of HR that act as a key for creating lasting business:

  1. Recruiting Top talents
  2. Improved tracking of all your employee info
  3. Keep track employee leave
  4. Employee Self Help System

Organisation must look for ways to manage these internal processes efficiently while preserving the integrity as well. Therefore, keeping track of your HR activities through a human resource management system is effective and efficient and can have a big impact on a company’s success. Well, that’s what our latest announcement is all about – Vtiger HRM, enables you to efficiently manage all your HR works without much effort.

Recruiting Top talent

An organisation is only as good as its workforce, and HR professionals are responsible in building and maintaining a strong team. The first and foremost thing of HR planning is identifying the staffing needs. Once it is done, HR team is responsible for recruiting qualified candidates and filling out the open positions with top talents. However it’s not an easy task, right?

Initially HR team need to identify the right candidates for the job position and then the interview process and finally appointment. Though it seems like a simple 3 step process, it also has no. of works involved:

  • Job request for each position
  • Collect, analyse and choose the candidates who’re suitable for those job request
  • Scheduling the interview date and venue
  • Keep track all the process
  • Selection of candidates

With Vtiger HRM you can handle all these works efficiently. We’ve introduced different options to manage each of these works separately. Within a single recruitment module, you can easily maintain all your Candidate information, Job profile, Interview details and more.

Improved tracking of all your employee info

Managing your complete employee information can be time-consuming, regardless of the size of your organisation. Whether you run a startup or a large company with no. of employees, it’s essential to keep track of all your employee information from the date of hiring to retire. With Vtiger HRM you can easily maintain all your employee information like:

  • Personal info
  • Educational Qualification
  • Previous Experience
  • Contact information
  • Training details
  • And other additional information

Keep track of employee leave

With Vtiger HRM, you can easily plan your employee time-off. Now you can process all your employee leaves without much effort.

  • Define your Holiday list – Vtiger HRM enables you to prepare your own holiday list for your company. You can also share the holiday list to the employees with ease.
  • Leave types – You can tailor your employee leave types based on your company’s leave policy.
  • History of employee leave – With Vtiger HRM you can get the complete information about all your employee leave in a single unified window.

Employee Self Help System

Empower your employees by providing them access to their own records. Vtiger HRM provides your employees the ability to view and update their own records with individual login for each and every one of your employee. This helps you to ensure that all your employee information are accurate and up-to-date.

That’s all? No, Try out Vtiger HRM right away and write back your feedbacks to us at [email protected]. Stay Tuned! For our next post to know more about HRM.