Enhanced Magento Vtiger Bidirectional Connector with Vtiger 7 compatibility

October 25, 2017

In this eCommerce age, many business owners are looking for a better platform to run their eCommerce store as sturdy foundation. Magento – one of the most well-touted and widely used eCommerce system. It helps people to build their own online stores and can easily customize the store to make it a fully captivative website in their own way. It provides us many benefits such as versatile content management, filtered search for shoppers, customized security and more.


Rather than running it as a stand-alone environment, if this is integrated with the CRM, you can get the most exceptional benefits out it, right? Let’s us have a look, how it’s beneficial for us?

Nowadays almost 90% of buyers search online to get their desired products or services. And every one of your customers expect to get the most out of their shopping experience. But the key to deliver your customers with a legendary service, is knowing your customers and complying with their expectations to the quality of product and speed of service. So, definitely a CRM integration can help you to get a better insights about all your customer data in one place. Besides this, you can also take the advantage of bird-eye view of all your business process like sales, marketing and support on a single place.

Well, here is our Vtiger Magento Bidirectional Connector with the support for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7, to connect your eCommerce store with your Vtiger CRM.

Keep your records up-to-date

A 2-way sync ensures that the entities are automatically updated in both Vtiger CRM and Magento store. Your teams can add or update any information about your customers at any time and can efficiently handle the data without any manual intervention. You can also schedule your sync process on time and get the accurate and updated info without much efforts.

Boost your sales process

In every business sector, sales management plays a vital role to improve the efficiency and productivity. Whenever your sales team confirms a deal, they need to send the detailed information about the deal to their respective department for generating the invoices. With Vtiger Magento Bidirectional Connector, you can easily create accurate invoices for your customers and avoids time delay and lend no price conflicts.

Logs to maintain Sync Info

By integrating your Magento website with Vtiger CRM, you can keep track of all complete sync information in the logs. With the exact information you can efficiently analyse the data in case of sync failures. You can also analyse the detailed history of an every individual records.

Try out Vtiger Magento Bidirectional Connector right way! and share your feedbacks as comments or write to us at [email protected]