Enchant your customer with more personalized emails – Email Customizer for WooCommerce

October 11, 2017

Every “Email” that we sent to our customer, creates a new business opportunity to communicate them. And it is the essential part of everyone’s work life, especially for sales and marketing people. On any given day most of our inbox is flooded with bunch of different emails like personal messages, special offers, promotions and more. Some you may need it and some may not. In an attempt to purge the unwanted emails in your inbox, you wind up inadvertently trashing all in one.


This is the same case for your WooCommerce order or product emails too, if it isn’t more intuitive and interactive to your customers. Let’s look at a scenario : When any of your customer visits your WooCommerce store and adds some products to the cart and left the website without any payments. Now how your salespeople efficiently follow-up and close the deal. However sending a flat, plain and regular email to your customer won’t attract them. All such email will simply reach the trash without just a single click. The same for your order completion or any other email. So therefore customized emails that is more interactive, will enchant your customers and will lead to higher conversion rate, increased sales and more.

What’s the solution? Email Customizer for WooCommerce – To create more personalized emails for your customers.

Bring your team on board

With Email Customizer for WooCommerce, your salespeople can build more customized and personalized email to clients. Not only order based email templates, you can also create and send damn good email based product and category, this would help you to better promote your product to your customers. As well you can add your signatures in your emails that helps you to provide a personalized touch to your email.

Get the right fields in your email

Increase the relevance of your email with the Email Customizer. You can create customized template and add your own fields that is relevant and essential for your customers. This helps you to better satisfy your customer needs and thereby you can win more loyal customers.

Use Email Customizer for WooCommerce and deliver more personalized email to your customers and efficiently nurture them. Check out our Live Demo and try it your own. Let us know your thoughts at [email protected]