Email Customizer WooCommerce – Pre designed email templates for Orders

November 27, 2015

Email Customizer WooCommerce plugin has amazing feature of a previously designed email template. You can easily send the email of the order details to their customers using this plugin. You can also customize the email templates. A new custom order status i.e. product delivered was added in this plugin

How to use:

Before getting started make sure that WooCommerce plugin has been installed, and activated in the plugin admin page because this plugin is a WooCommerce supported plugin. Then activate the Email Customizer Woocommerce Pro plugin in the WP plugin admin page.

After activation, you’ll see the plugin menu along with the WooCommerce Plugin menu. This plugin has number of previously designed order email template.
Email template

To customize the email template click the “Edit” button of the corresponding email template.
template customization

In the “Template Font Style” option, select the font that you want. “Header Image position” is used to change the position of the header. Provide the image URL in the “Header image URI” box. You can also change the header background color by clicking the “Header Background color” box. Choose the header background color in the color palette.

In order the edit the template content, click the “Template Body”.  You can change the background color, font color, heading and content of the template.

To customize the footer, expand the footer button. Provide the URL of the social media in that particular box. User can also provide the image and text for footer. Then click “save” button.

You can also test the email template by providing the email id and click “send Test Mail”.
test mail

In order to send Mail, you need to install SMTP plugin and configure it.

To email the order details of the particular customer, go to the WooCommerce -> orders and click that particular customer’s order id. Order details page will be displayed, in that page choose appropriate email of the “order Actions” and then click “save order” button. Then the email will sent to the corresponding customer.