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How to create an Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM

Let me share you today how to create an email campaign in vtiger crm. Mailchimp is a marketing platform that helps you run Email Campaign in Vtiger CRM to manage all your clients and customers. Moreover, A tool like Mailchimp enables users to design e-mail newsletters. And also, this will allow you to send emails to specific users from your list. Create your templates in an easy way by just the drag and drop method. Moreover, track all your sales reports with Mailchimp.

There are many templates provided by Mailchimp that help you to create emails and newsletters. In other words, Save your time and automate your process by integrating Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp.

Features of Vtiger Mailchimp Integration

Steps to Integrate Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp

First of all, You have to purchase our extension Vtiger MailChimp Plus Integration. In addition, Install the module into Vtiger CRM after taking a backup of your database and files.

Now select the file and click on import. Then select ‘Finish’ to import your extension to Vtiger CRM.

Once you complete the importing process. You can now configure the Mailchimp account with Vtiger CRM. Finally, start  your email campaign in vtiger crm.

Configure your Module

Configure your Mailchimp account with secure API v3. To integrate your Mailchimp account with Vtiger CRM,

Here Provide your API Key and enable the checkboxes according to your needs.

MailchimpPlus API Key

If you want to reset your Mailchimp click on the Reset Mailchimp option. Also, it is possible to uninstall and reinstall the module in Vtiger CRM.


View the log to know the details of the synchronization process of data among the different modules.

MailchimpPlus Logs

Benefits of Mailchimp


Most importantly, Hope this blog is helpful for you to know about Vtiger Mailchimp Integration. Click here to download the Mailchimp extension for Vtiger. To get assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected].

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