Efficiently Handle your Website Traffic and Increase Sales Conversion Rate

June 12, 2017

Driving more traffic to website is certainly a great thing. And most online marketing strategies revolves around boosting qualified Leads. Bringing in high quality visitors results in increasing sales conversion rate. But it’s something challenging to manage those incoming Leads. Here is our WP Leads Builder for CRM comes in to efficiently handle Leads, so you can spend your time closing deals and do your most important tasks.


Bridge WordPress website with your CRM

Automate the most repetitive tasks of capturing Leads from your WordPress website to Vtiger CRM, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, SuiteCRM, Salesforce & more. No matter how heavy the traffic, be assured that WP Leads Builder for CRM captures all the quality Leads and cut your Lead leakage to zero.

Integration with WooCommerce

With Leads Builder for CRM, you can now synchronize the cart info from WooCommerce checkout into CRM. When a customer abandons the cart, you’ll now be able to capture them as your CRM Leads. So you can follow up on them for better sales conversion. What’s more, after completed purchase, the Lead is converted into Contact and the salesorder is automatically generated.

Distribute Leads Equally with Round-robin

Now you’ve got your Leads from WordPress web forms into your CRM. What’s next, you need to distribute the Leads to sales rep. WP Leads Builder for CRM brilliantly does this by evenly distributing the Leads among your reps with queueing algorithm, Round Robin.

Excited about the features packed in WP Leads Builder for CRM? Do try it yourself for FREE.

Or work with the plugin activated in our Live demo. You can also download FREE WP Leads Builder for CRM in wordpress.org to capture Leads to your CRM.