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May 7, 2018

Emails are something that every one of us writes & send on the daily basis. Not all emails we send are the same, some may from company to customer or from one coworker to another or any other. Perhaps the other emails, the one that stands out is the email, you send to your customers. It seems simple, but every email represents a new business opportunity.


Let’s consider this scenario: You’ve purchased some things online and received an order notification email. Is there anyone who doesn’t open the order emails? Definitely not, then every order emails open a new door of opportunity to capture your customer attention.

But an email with a set of few lines along with the order, payment, shipping info and a link to the website won’t delight your customers. Instinctively, it let them open the email and just check the payment details and archive it. But how can we beat the odds and grab this opportunity?

Here comes our Email Customizer for WooCommerce, to design your own unique WooCommerce order mail templates. Now enhanced with some more new & cool features.

Regain your unsaved template

You spent an hour on creating your beautiful template. Accidentally your system fails before you save the template. Oops! You lost all the works. No, Not anymore. Email Customizer for WooCommerce instantly saves all your works. So that you can easily regain your works right from the place where you left behind.

Enable/ Disable of templates

With Email Customizer for WooCommerce, you can easily create as many templates you need. And activate the one which best works. All the template you create will be saved as inactive initially. You can easily activate any one of the templates any time, from the list view or in the edit view of the templates.

More to know

Continuing on the efforts to give you a better look & feel, some more UI changes are added to the existing templates.

Happy Designing!

New to Email Customizer for WooCommerce? Just go ahead, try it right away and lets us know your thoughts in the comments below or write to us [email protected].