Deliver Emails Straight into the Inbox

February 7, 2017

Engaging customers via email is the most non intrusive way of engaging customers. But according to ReturnPath, global email delivery to inbox declined to 76% in Q2 of 2016. A Mail that does not hit the customer Inbox is something thrown into trash.

With Email Plus, You can increase your ROI by sending mail directly to the Inbox of your audience.

CRM and Sendgrid integration

Email Inbox Placement

Getting to the inbox entails more than hitting the send button. Each message sent encounters both gateway and spam filters on its journey to recipient’s email. Mail Plus helps to bypass the filters by properly adding reputation of the sender, subscriber engagement and content to place the messages in inbox.

Email Log History

Mail Plus is a great tool to know the status of your emails. You can easily track whether the email sent is properly delivered to your recipients or failed for some reason.

Multiple Sender Identity

Mail Plus enables you to set a unique From email address for each campaign you create in your Vtiger CRM. If you’re concerned about the about the volume of emails when you set the From email address, you can set up a dedicated email address for an email campaign to avoid overflowing of your personal inbox.

With Mail Plus, you can easily pass through the spam filters and firewalls. You can talk to us for any help at [email protected] or please leave your feedback in the comments below.