Date Based Synchronization made easy with Google Calendar Sync

June 7, 2016

Google Calendar Sync has been enhanced with event sync with date filter, log module, improved navigation, mapping of Vtiger Calendar field to Google Calendar field and much more.

Sync events between Google Calendar and Vtiger CRM

Sync records with event filter

In the years of calendar events in Google Calendar and Vtiger Calendar, Google Calendar Sync lets you to sync the events from a specific date. Event creation and update stops syncing if the event falls outside the range configured to sync, preventing syncing of older events.

Better Audit for review

In the calendar entries sync process, a number of events from Google Calendar to Vtiger Calendar can be exchanged bidirectionally. With so much of back and forth sync, records may go missing due to communication barriers, access permissions, etc. The detailed log of the sync will help you capture the unsynced record.

Experience the live demo to explore Vtiger Google Calendar feature. Read our Documentation to learn more and write to us at [email protected] for any feature request and enhancements.