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Delighted to share the release details of CSV Importer Pro with you here. We have released the major updates of WP Ultimate CSV Importer. It includes many new features like Metabox AIO support, JetEngine 3.0.4 support, ACF Flexible Content field import-export compatibility, and on. This article clearly explains all the new features, updates, and noted bug fixes. So keep on your reading.


Meta Box free & Meta Box AIO plugin support

Meta Box is another wonderful custom fields plugin with 7 lakhs+ active installations in wordpress.org. You can add custom fields for your WordPress Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, and anywhere you need. It offers 40 different and unique field types.

The free version lets you add custom field code inside the themes functions.php file. You can painlessly generate customized field codes using its online code generator. All you have to do is just choose the fields you want to add inside your WordPress post types, modify the required settings, click generate code button, then copy and paste the code inside the child theme’s functions file.

Follow the sample CSV format for the supported Meta Box custom fields table explained in our documentation and import meta box fields data along with post type.

Meta Box AIO Extension support

In CSV Importer Pro 7.0, we added support to the Meta Box AIO extension. Fields like Groups, Relationships, and the feature ‘clonable’ are supported now. For more details on how to import and export data, visit the CSV Importer documentation for Meta Box.

JetEngine Relations & 3.0.4 version compatibility

JetEngine had restructured the relationship field from scratch. It offers an individual database to store relations data instead of storing it inside post meta. JetEngine expanded the relations field providing possibilities to create and define meta fields for child and parent relations. For now, the relations have only 9 fields such as text, date, time, datetime, media, textarea, checkbox, select, and radio. CSV Importer Pro updates its compatibility to support this new novelty in JetEngine relations.

How to prepare CSV to Import JetEngine Relations?

You can import, and export JetEngine relations data using our plugin. Before all, you need to prepare CSV to import the values. Add a few additional fields inside CSV for relations. The fields can be categorized as two sets of fields which are jet_related_post field and meta fields. The ‘jet_related_post’ field contains related post ids. The multiple ids are separated with pipelines to relate multiple child posts. The next set of fields is meta fields. Provide values for the defined meta fields. To know more about how to include values to meta fields in CSV, and import, export relations CSV into WordPress check out JetEngine CSV Importer documentation.

In addition to the new Relations support, we have upgraded our plugin to support JetEngine version 3.0.4.

ACF Flexible Content field Import and Export

CSV Importer now supports a new ACF field called Flexible Content. Flexible Content fields are useful to organize the data in blocks. Just like groups, you can add other fields as sub-fields and duplicate the block of fields to add values. You can import and export flexible field values easily with CSV Importer. Learn how to prepare CSV, import, and export ACF flexible fields with the CSV Importer Pro plugin.

Date validation for all datetime fields

To ease your work, we have validated different input styles of date for datetime fields of default WordPress and custom fields plugins like ACF, and JetEngine. CSV Importer properly validates the datetime field date and provides an apt result while importing. It validates date under different queries and executes exact results. The below formats are supported for datetime field that you can choose to include values in CSV.




Month Date Year





Noted bug fixes

Fixing bugs to improve the quality. CSV Importer Pro 7.0 comes with many noted bugs fixed. Here we have listed all the bugs fixed and improvements done in this release.

Bugs Fixed


Feedback, Contact Us

So what features in CSV Importer Pro 7.0 excites you? Share your thoughts or feedback and suggestions to us at the email [email protected]

Final Word

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 7.0 was wrapped up with many useful features. Try the plugin for your import and export operations on WordPress. Buy WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro now. Hope you benefited from reading this article about CSV Importer Pro 7.0 release. Have fun importing and exporting data with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

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