CSV Importer Pro 6.5: WP Job Manager Compatibility

WP Job Manager is a free WordPress plugin that has the magic to turn out your normal WordPress website into a Job Board. Generally, a Job board means a website that lists open job positions. By creating a few new pages and embedding shortcodes inside them, you can get your job portal live.

Job seekers can add their resumes and apply for jobs. While the recruiters can post their jobs in listings so that, job seekers can find and apply for any one of them. You can publish jobs for your own company or you can earn money by letting other companies post their jobs on your website. WP Job manager have Compatibility to export the jobs details.


Features of Job Manager plugin

  • It lets you add, & manage job listings and also categorize them.
  • Adds forms in frontend for guest users to submit and manage job listings
  • Option to preview job listing for job listers
  • Filter jobs option for applicants
  • Logged in employers can view, edit, delete, or mark filled the active jobs

What's New?

In WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 6.5, we have added import, export, and update support for the WP Job Manager plugin Compatibility. You can now import, update and export Listings data. If you are a free user, you can also enjoy using this feature in our Free plugin. The CSV Importer pro version offers a scheduling import & export process feature. You can get more additional features via purchasing the CSV Importer plugin.

How to import Listings?

First of all, you need to prepare a proper CSV or XML file that contains jobs data. CSV Importer plugin doesn't limit you to importing a few data. You can import unlimited data using our plugin. To know how to include values in a CSV file refer to CSV Importer documentation.

  • Prepare a CSV or XML file
  • Upload the file in the CSV Importer plugin.
  • Choose 'job_listing' option from dropdown
  • Map all CSV headers to import properly to the corresponding fields.
  • Use media handling to import external URLs
  • Press 'Import' to quickly import listings to WordPress.

How to export Listings data?

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Premium pack supports exporting feature. If you are a free user, you can export Listings data using the Exporter addon. For exporting any data from the WordPress website, you need to switch to the Export tab.

  • Choose the 'job_listing' option from Custom Posts
  • Give a file name and choose a file type
  • Use advanced filters to filter and export particular data
  • Hit 'Export' to export Listings data from WordPress
  • Finally download the file to your computer

Your feedback is all we need

Have you tried importing or exporting Listings data with CSV Importer Pro 6.5? Did you notice any issues? Or if you want to add something new as a feature, feel free to write to us at [email protected]. We would be glad to hear from you.

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