CSV Importer Pro 6.4: Dropbox Images Import, WooCommerce Product Bundles & JetEngine Custom Content Types Import Export

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We recently have updated new features on our plugin WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 6.4. Features added like Dropbox Images import support, Import & Export compatibility for WooCommerce Product Bundles, and Import & Export compatibility for JetEngine Custom Content Types. This article will go through each of the feature’s explanations. So continue your reading.

Dropbox URL Images Import to WordPress

Now you can import your images located inside Dropbox to WordPress. Just copy the image dropbox URL and paste it inside any image field of your Page, or Post, or Custom Post, or WooCommerce CSV/XML. Follow the importing instructions here and import your CSV/XML to WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Similar to the following dropbox image URLs, you can use image URLS to import into WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.




It also downloads the Dropbox images to your WordPress Media.

Import and Export WooCommerce Product Bundles meta fields

Bundling your WooCommerce Products becomes easy now. Import your Product Bundles meta fields data along with WooCommerce Products into your online store. Include all the product meta fields in your Products CSV or XML and add values to them. Learn here how to assign values to your Product Bundles meta fields to import with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Now you can quickly create thousands of Product Bundles in minutes inside your WooCommerce store just by importing data with our CSV Importer plugin.

See here how to import WooCommerce Product Bundles data in the following video.

You can export your Product Bundles data together with WooCommerce Products. In the Export tab, select WooCommerce Products. Next, Provide a file name and select file type to export. Enable ‘Split The Records’ and provide a number if you have bulk records and you want to split and export the data separately based on the values given. Add filters to export records based on the filter conditions.


Click Export and download the file on your local desktop. The exported Product Bundles CSV file will be like this:


JetEngine Custom Content Types data - Import and Export

WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer Pro 6.4 has upgraded support for the JetEngine plugin. It now supports importing and exporting Custom Content Types data of JetEngine. You can import bulk CSV/XML data to JetEngine Custom Content Types. This reduces your manual effort and saves your time. You can export CCT data as a CSV/XML/JSON/XLS file type. All exporting and importing procedures are the same. Read the plugin documentation to import and export data with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

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