CSV Importer 2014 for wordpress

January 2, 2014

As a leading top CSV importer of 2014 for WordPress, WP Ultimate CSV Importer is hits 100,000 on July 29, 2014. One more professional Success with this plugin, means a lot to us. This journey begins with mark points, we reached one of the mark point and we are in the same traces of path towards a great success. We thank all of our plugin users and special thanks to reviewers whose feedback had a great value to us, raters whose rating adds more energy and strength to our team.

We believe WP Ultimate CSV Importer’s broad range of features make the product unique. Now the upcoming version 3.6 is a major release version since the plugin launch. Includes more features, user experience, flexible import options and improved performance. We constantly upgrade to incorporate the latest advances in technology and the ever changing needs of the importer, making it compatible with latest releases of WordPress.

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it is now reached 99001 and still counting more. Once again our hearty thanks to all plugin users for their support, ideas and feedback that made us to achieve this growth. Hope we can improve more and expecting more advanced version 3.6.0 by Jul 02 2014.

csv importer overall-stats

Our pro version of the product has many more features. Upcoming version features likely Types, MarketPress etc  with many more functionalities. We expect more feedback and rating from the plugin users. Right now the plugin holds ranking in top 500 by www.rankwp.com


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