Why a crm is necessary for business

March 16, 2018

A CRM is necessary for any business to build a strong relationship with customers. CRM software centralizes all activities, technologies, and strategies. The Purpose of CRM is to create brand awareness, loyalty, and customer retention. Customer Relationship Management system simplifies the process of tracking, analyzing all interactions with customers.

Smackcoders have 8 years experience in customizing open source CRM for small to medium businesses in all verticals. We can do all type automation, 3rd party integrations and extending the capabilities based on your business model. We can create customized CRM for Education, Institutes, Finance, Insurance, Real estate, Mortgage, Automobile, IT Project Management, HR consultants, Payroll Automation, Manufacturing, Mining and so on. Contact us for a free consultation to build your CRM especially for your business needs.


The primary challenge for a business is to maintain their customer relationship effectively. Getting a right CRM system helps to build better, stronger and meaningful relationship with customers. Based on your business strategy you should customize, integrate and extend the CRM functions to improve your marketing and sales. For example, if your business relies on email marketing, you can consider integrating phplist, drip.com, MailChimp or any similar service you already used to.

What are the benefits of CRM?

A well customized CRM can help a business in many ways. It serves you to automate many routine works and reduce time across departments effectively. There are many notable advantages

  • Grow a Business and customer base
  • Helps you to implement industry best practices
  • To set goals, target and track the growth
  • Easy to manage customer data & history
  • Track customers for effective communications
  • Enables enhanced communication
  • Much improved Customer Service
  • Makes customers get more focused
  • Do more effective work in less time span
  • Automation of frequent Tasks
  • Saves time and energy of employees
  • Greater efficiency for multiple teams
  • Track and communicate employees real-time
  • Sync everything that helps business to CRM
  • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting
  • Evaluate and improve strategies

Contact us with your business details and goals. We can help you to create a scope and build a Custom CRM with Branding, features you need.