Convert your website Visitors as Customers with Leads Builder for CRM

December 20, 2017

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, but hunting those leads who will never buy a product is just a waste of time and money. Here we have to work smart rather than hard. If leads are visiting your website, you need to take two steps for better sales conversion rate,

  • Use website form to prequalify your leads.
  • Direct those leads to sales people for qualifying the leads.

In order to work efficiently, Here comes our Leads Builder for CRM. Let’s have a look at its new features,

Convert website visitors as Customers

Enhanced Usability

Enhance your visitor retention and gives you a competitive advantage of improving your sales rate. Now Leads Builder for CRM had come up with amazing user interface to get more Leads/Contacts from your website. With this, you can largely focus on customer management, smart campaigns, personalised web engagements and much more.

No more duplicate Leads

Duplicate Leads are the irritating productivity killers. They clog up your CRM and make your lead capture services seem redundant and leads to confusion about follow-ups. With Leads Builder for CRM, you can prevent the dual entry of Lead information and lessen your multiple work. You can build duplicate free CRM with abundant Leads/Contacts at the instant of their registration in your website and update the existing information too.

Automate your Lead Capture

Streamline your lead generation by capturing the leads directly from the webforms. Leads Builder for CRM offers various webforms like Contact Form 7, Ninja Form and Gravity Form, that turns your digital marketing campaigns into lead generation machines. You can configure your CRM using secured key in one time and directly redirected to CRM form pages without any manual click.

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