How to connect Google Calendar with your Vtiger CRM calendar

“Calendars” play an essential role in our day-to-day lives. They are helpful inefficient planning of all our activities like our daily chores, important events, special celebration days and more. And we all not plan our activities in a single calendar, there will be 2 calendars at least, one is our CRM calendar to plan our official works and another is our Gmail calendar to plan our personal works.


Not only this is frustrating, but also at the high risk of missing out some of the important activities. Here comes Vtiger Google Calendar Integration, to keep your Google Calendar and CRM events sync.

How to connect?

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to the Google app Settings.
  • Add the Client Id, Client Secret and the API key, finally Click on Save.
  • Navigate to the Google Calendar Sync, click on Click here to Authorize.
  • That’s it now you’ve connected and authenticated your Google Account.

How does it works?

  • Vtiger Google Calendar Integration triggers 2-way sync of your calendar events.
  • You can sync all the Google Calendar events as Meeting or Call or Mobile Call i n your vtiger CRM.
  • You can view the synced events in your CRM Calendar as well as your Google Calendar.

What you get?

  • Specific event sync – Vtiger Google Calendar Integration offers you with an option to choose your own time range to sync the calendar events. Choose the start date, the events that are planned on that date and future events will be synced.
  • Choose when to run the sync either at the Instant (Manual sync) or Automated sync.
    1. Instant Sync – Single click to sync all your calendar events.
    2. Automated Sync – Set the CRON time to automatically run the sync based on CRON time. Events updates on one calendar will be automatically mirrored on the other.
  • Logs – Get to know about the success and failure of your sync with the sync status and know the reason for the sync failure in the message for efficient analysis in logs.

Check out more details about Vtiger Google Calendar Integration in our page. Connect your calendar now and start sync.

Happy Connecting!

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