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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software manages the relationship between a business and its customers. Let’s get to know all about the CRM system here.


Business operates on a few core concepts like creating a product and or providing specific services to customers. Delivering a product or providing a service isn’t really enough for the growth of the business. A business will land on high-streets and nurtures only with top-notching products and excellent customer satisfaction. CRM helps in maintaining a wide range of marketing strategy, customer-centric order management, product delivery and good customer service.

1.1 CRM Manages Your Business

What is CRM?
How does it work?
CRM makes your working platform simple by optimizing the work of different departments. This easy to use customer relationship management software allows you to customize the software according to your company requirements. In this tutorial, you will learn about:

Useful features of CRM

Advantages of CRM

Strategy of CRM

You will also know to assess whether your business require a crm, ways of choosing a crm, key terms of crm and how to adopt a crm into your business.

1.2 Open Source CRM

Open source CRM is the most requisite type of customer relationship management system preferred by most organizations. You will get to know about the following:

1.2.1 What is Open Source CRM?

All set for a CRM, what’s next, learn about open source crm, it’s benefits, why it is feasible for your business and then make your decision.

1.2.2 Why is it called Open Source?

For every name, there is a reasonable and suitable meaning available. Know the power of open source and why is it the best choice of crm users.

1.2.3 How is it useful?

In this section, you will learn about how an open source crm would help a business and increase it’s efficiency.

1.2.4 How to get Free Open Source CRM?

Know the ways of getting free open source crm after analysing its limitations and restrictions. Invest your time to make the right decision.

1.2.5 Choose the right Open Source CRM

In this part, you will learn about the checklists for choosing the right open source crm for your work as per your business goals.

In this tutorial, you will know about the basics of open source crm, is it a necessary tool for business and also about numerous unspoken things about customer relationship management system.

1.3.1 Business Growth

In this section, learn about how crm system helps for company growth and the indications for your organizations to go for a crm.

1.3.2 CRM License Types

Learn about four different types of customer relationship management licenses, limitations and permissions.

1.3.3 Trying Free Open Source CRM

In this portion, you will come to know the reason for trying free open source crm software initially for your business.

1.3.4 Need for a Paid Versions

Why does your business require a Paid Versions and types of crm used in various industries across the globe, provides a deep insight into paid crm versions.

1.3.5 Popular Open Source CRMs

In this tutorial, you will learn about three reliable open source crms which are considered to be viable solutions for small, medium to higher business levels. Vtiger CRM

The uses of vtiger crm for an organization and key features provided for users. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM practice on various industries for the reason of flexibility and easy-to-use characteristic is provided in this part. Joforce CRM

The user-friendly features of Joforce CRM and highly demanded options given for its users are given here.

You will get a comprehensive idea of free open source CRM software along with each of its benefits and features. Learn the importance of choosing best free open source crm tool for your business in this guide.

1.4. Best Open Source CRM

In this guide, you will know about the reliable free open source software Joforce crm, the reason for choosing it for fulfilling all your open source crm needs and many more.

1.4.1. Accelerate Business Development

This section explains about how free open source crm Joforce helps to speed up your business growth.

1.4.2. Benefits of Open Source Code

Learn about the major benefits of implementing an open source crm for your business instead of choosing the other type.

1.4.3. Extendable Design for Further Development

Know the necessary traits of extending the CRM designs for improving your business development.

1.4.4. Features of free open source Joforce CRM

In this section, you will know about a wide range of useful features provided by Joforce open source crm software.

1.4.5. Stay Connected with Customers

Learn about staying connected with your customers anytime and anywhere with the help of the right free open source crm tool.

This tutorial gives an extensive understanding of Joforce free open source crm system, its highlighted features and the advantages of choosing it for your business.

In this guide, you will find the history and evolution of sugarcrm, its types of old community editions, premium plans and benefits of Sugarcrm.

Wrap Up

By reading this complete beginners guide, you can figure out all information about CRM. Get encyclopedic learning of the best open source CRM from 1.4 section. CRM software mounts your business competence to a greater level.

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