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Check out what’s new in SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration

While we try to remain more productive and efficient in our workplace, it’s easy to get distracted by a simple monotonous task. Let’s say, the back-and-forth communication between the sales and accounts team to get things done. However, with the right set of tools, one can easily get rid of their boring repetitive task and concentrate on things that really matter.

SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration, a connector tool to bring your SuiteCRM and QuickBooks accounting information under one roof. So no more back-and-forth communication, as it offers a better insight into your customer and accounting information in a unified view and thereby maximizes your business efficiency.


What’s new?

Today we’re happy to present you some more new additions to its existing features that will keep you more productive and help you to continually scale your business.

Sync accounts & product category info

In addition to bidirectional synchronization of Contacts, Product, Quotes, and Invoice now you start synchronizing your Accounts i.e. Organizations and Product Category information between your SuiteCRM and QuickBooks.

Sync all in one go

Worried about synchronization all your existing information? Bidirectionally synchronize all your existing Accounts and Product Category information in one click without switching between multiple tabs.

Sync automation

Is your SuiteCRM or QuickBooks undergo frequent updates? No Problem, keep your data up-to-date with automated synchronization of your Accounts and Product Category information based on your CRON time.

Along with these new additions, we have also fixed a few performance issues. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the latest features. Don’t forget to write your feedback to us at support[at]smackcoders[dot]com or please leave your comments below.

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