ChatGPT: your AI conversationalist – What it is, Who built it, and How to use it

ChatGPTs are there to help you deal with your problems, but what is ChatGPT? how can you use them?

chatgpt what is it who built it how to use it

ChatGPT developed by Open AI is completely ruling the current AI trends. From students to working specialists, everyone is delighted by how this AI chatbot gives the exact answers to every question. But if you don’t know what it is and how to use it, you can explore the blog to know more about it.

Chat-based generative pre-trained transformers, popularly known as {chatGPT} uses enhanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, to create a mutual and interesting conversational experience for a user. ChatGPT can write poems, stories, and articles, and even solves math problems. It can answer all sorts of questions and clarify your doubts. Still, there are lots of features in this.

This blog will help you to know more things, certainly, about chatGPT, its advantages, disadvantages, and how to use it efficiently. Come let’s dive in.


ChatGPT is the most dominant language model. It applies artificial intelligence in our daily lives and has the potential to transform the way we interact. It is a text-developing tool that engenders human-like text, based on the information which is provided quickly. It can create human-like text and sustains a wide range of tasks that includes translating language, making it an important tool for researchers, businesses, and individuals. ChatGPT can communicatively answer complex questions. Many users wondered by looking at its ability that provides human-quality responses.

Ultimately it might have the power to agitate how humans interact with computers. Most importantly chatGPT is a language model chatbot developed by open AI and is based on GPT-3.5. It has an extraordinary ability to communicate in conversational dialogue

form and delivers responses that will amaze humans. RLHF-known as Reinforcement learning with human feedback is a supplementary layer of training that uses the human response to help chatGPT pursue the directions and create responses that are acceptable to humans.

CHATGPT – Who Built It?

With the rise of chatGPT in the last few months, the site has reached new heights. This online language model can do some pleasant mind-blowing stuff, but we don’t have any idea about who created chat GPT. We often admire and wonder about the reactions that were given by chat GPT. For those who are not much intimate about this, it is an AI model which has been accessible to people since the end of November.

This AI model can able to understand and responds to human dialogue in an elegant, and rapid manner. You can ask any type of question to the model and it can create code, give tips for cooking new recipes, write poems, and even summarize long texts, more and more.

Chat GPT was designed by San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company OpenAI. OpenAI is famous for the deep-learning model{DALLE} that produces images from text commands called prompts. It was established by some leading players which include Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, OpenAI chief scientist Jessica Livingston, Iiya Sutskever, also LinkedIn Cofounder Reid Hoffman.

After its introduction, with the use of artificial intelligence, the AI bot has been shining various regards about people to replace human writing. The greater regard is around school students who are using chat GPT to comprise assignments and essays. Another AI detector tool namely GPTZERO also appeared. Also, open AI has released its own AI text classifier to the market.

CHATGPT Training Process – What Does It Entail?

Since its launch, this AI language model, developed by open AI has become highly popular. As you all know that chatGPT can do countless tasks, and generate responses to all questions and any prompt you give it. ChatGPT was trained using “reinforcement learning from human feedback”. Originally the model went through a process called supervised fine-tuning. In this process, open AI trainers played two roles. One as a human user, and the other as an AI bot. Along with this, the trainers created a dialogue outcome to imitate how humans communicate, then it was added to the model’s dataset to fine-tune it for colloquial uses.

ChatGPT was later improved by reinforcing learning. This concerned AI trainers communicating with the tool to create responses. Using its technique called proximal policy optimization,openAI could moreover fine-tune the model. OpenAI’s chatGPT is a huge language model and is constructed using billions of parameters. ChatGPT is a deep learning algorithm that can understand and generate text, based on the data on which it was trained. These types of models have a large number of uses such as creating chatbots, acting as search engines, and generating creative content such as stories and lyrics.

Is ChatGPT Free To Use?

We can surely say that chatGPT is an expanding sensation.ChatGPT works by starting a question-and-answer type human dialogue between the bot and you. The communication between you and the bot sounds good and interesting as it will allow you to ask pretty much anything your heart desires and generates the responses in a satisfactory way.

As it presently stands, you can use chatGPT for free from openAI’s website. Open AI has declared that chatGPT is in the feedback stage, so the company’s strategy is certainly to make this service free, then only many people will use their chatbot.

So, what’s the advantage of it?

Open AI is mostly used to collect more data on how humans communicate and to improve the service. And openAI has proclaimed paid plans a week ago, it is incredible to stay free forever.

Also,chatGPT is free for commercial use, there are still some deliberations!

You can alter chatGPT for any purpose as it is free to use. Most importantly you have to remember one thing open AI doesn’t provide any support or assurance for chatGPT, it’s totally up to the users how they are using this model. Also, Open AI makes sure that if anyone is looking forward to modifying chatGPT for their own purposes, then there may be valid and noble implications of using AI-powered technology.

Take A Look At ChatGPT’s Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many advantages of chatGPT. First of all, it is highly valuable and effective, making it a profitable option of all sizes for companies. It also helps people to get the most relevant solutions to their problems. ChatGPT is a form of artificial intelligence(AI)that generates responses mechanically, and processes language. Also, GPT or Generative pre-trained the transformer is an AI model that has the ability to generate human-like text and is capable of understanding the human mind. And, this technology has many possible applications such as content generation, translation of language, and summarization.

Pros Of Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a natural language processing(NLP) technology and has numerous applications in several industries, which include financial services, health care, customer service, social media, etc.

  • ChatGPT is highly precise, with moderate wrong positives and negative rates. Because of its ability to examine spoken and written language, It provides more extensive conversation than other technologies.
  • ChatGPT will reply constantly to the questions which are repeated again and again, asserting all users obtain the same information.
  • To regulate natural conversations with customers,chatGPT creates conversational AI applications like chatbots. This technology will help to evaluate various types of text, and spoken language and provide exact answers to frequently asked questions, also making clear all sorts of customer queries.
  • Likewise,chatGPT uses pre-trained datasets. which means you don’t want to invest your own time and resources to expand your model. This will permit you to utilize chatGPT and quickly get benefit from it.
  • ChatGPT can improve its performance constantly, it requires minimal supervision.
  • When compared to Google,chatGPT will give direct answers to all your questions. If chatGPT has been used in a proper way then it will be very effective for any type of company or person.
  • Another advantage of chatGPT is that it provides human-like conversation based on user-placed commands or questions. Actually, it is alike to software applications and virtual assistant technologies such as “ALEXA from AMAZON” and “SIRI from APPLE”. It has the ability to mimic real-life discussions as it is based on high-tech supervised learning and reinforcement learning using large language models.

Cons Of Using ChatGPT

The implicit disadvantage of ChatGPT includes racking with complicated topics and ideas, the risk of plagiarism, and requiring powerful fine-tuning.

  • There is a risk of plagiarism which is undesirable at all costs. The most important drawback of using chatGPT for customer service is that it will provide defective answers. Though the GPTs are trained through trial and error, some chatbot conversation could result in a grievance, and the customers are bewildered trying to get help. customer service is that they can’t manipulate complex questions or appeal. but they can create content fastly and exactly on simple topics.
  • ChatGPT is still learning and it is impotent to produce ideal results. While it has many advantages concerning its learning abilities, the lack of accuracy in content, obviously could lead to mistakes, errors, or confusion which may critically impact the user experience.
  • There will be an absence of empathy,chatGPT cannot understand the user’s emotions and state of mind by providing support in certain demanding situations. As it requires the user’s considerable training and fine-tuning to get perfect results.
  • Although chatGPT is open source and it is accessible to everyone, its necessity for additional resources, like storage space to run adequately, and computing power may create obstacles for entry-level users.

You need to be aware of the limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has an approach to a large amount of information, but still, it is unable to approach all the knowledge that humans have. ChatGPT doesn’t have the ability to answer questions about particular or niche topics, also it may not be aware of the developments and changes that happened in certain fields recently.

Actually, ChatGPT is like your friend. and you can chat with this friend anytime, who can reply to all your questions instantly, helps to you write articles, solves problems, give advice and instructions and clear all your doubts. It has become a certainty in the form of a recently released chatbot. chat GPT is a brand-new artificial intelligence system that communicates efficiently. This friend never gets bored giving answers and is always ready to help you. This innovative technology developed by openAI has caught the world’s concentration because of its amazing level of intelligence. Although it has lots of advanced features, it’s not perfect. still, it has some limitations. We have discussed briefly the limitations of ChatGPT in our previous blog, you can verify it using the mentioned link.

Let’s take a closer look at some of CHATGPT’s unique features, so let’s learn more about them.

  • ChatGPT can able to generate logical and contextually applicable responses, as it is based on a large-scale language model. It has been trained on a huge amount of text data.
  • Chat GPT is a flexible tool for a diverse range of applications. It can be customized and modified for different domains and use cases. chat GPT can understand and approach natural language input, and it will answer a wide range of questions and conversation topics.
  • ChatGPT is intended to generate natural language communications between machines and humans, and also it can be used in several applications such as language translation, customer support, chatbots, etc.
  • ChatGPT can generate captions for images, answer fine points questions, solve maths problems, translate languages, recommend novels and books, and provide synonyms as well as antonyms.
  • Also, chat GPT generates poems, and stories, suggest recipes, provides fashion advice, life advice, and product recommendations, and provides creative writing prompts.
  • It can also help with interview preparation and event planning, and sometimes it will make our conversation so funny by telling jokes and riddles, providing motivational quotes, beauty tips more and more.

Still, there are lots of features available in chat GPT also it has some advanced features announced by Open AI.

How Can ChatGPT Be Used?

The main purpose of chat GPT is to create outlines for articles or entire novels. Honestly, chatGPT is a versatile tool that can be used in multiple ways to improve your learning and productivity.

Chat GPT can be used for numerous text-based use cases. It can be used to create high-quality content for social media platforms, blogs, and websites within a seconds. It can be used to translate text spontaneously from one language to another. Chat GPT can write code for repeated or simple tasks such as data manipulation and database queries. Nevertheless, it is important to note that it has a limited ability to write code, and the code which was generated may not always be precise, standard, or desired output.

Educational applications can also be implemented using chat GPT

ChatGPT can facilitate teachers in expanding innovative ideas for lesson plans, projects, and activities with defined educational objectives and curriculum instructions. With the help of chat GPT, teachers can classify the content, consistency, and structure of the written work with the level of students’ essays. The AI can provide responses on spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

Not only for teachers, but chat GPT can also be used for students in many aspects of their homework like problem-solving, answering all sorts of queries, and improving their writing skills. Also, chat GPT helps students to plan a program for improving their language skills. Moreover, it can be used for marketing & SEO applications, audience research, writing product descriptions, generating customer surveys, finding the right titles, generating meta descriptions, and customer service applications. It can also be used for HR applications to create questions for job interviews, generate onboarding materials, and for creating job descriptions.