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WP Ultimate CSV Importer pro 4.0.1 Released Now

We are very glad to announce that the WP Ultimate CSV Importer 4.0.1 has been released. There are currently 12 modules that help to import bulk data as CSV file into your WordPress site. You can manage even 10000 of csv fields by this fastest importer. It will save plenty of time and a […]

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Sample CSV files and Updates

There are lot changes happened in WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Version 4 to match current updates from 3rd party plugins like woocommerce. So we planned to update the new sample csv files for all these added features, changes and requirements of version 4.0 import.

To help wp ultimate csv importer users to better understand the […]

WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.6.6 Released Now

WP Ultimate CSV importer is simple but powerful yet. It is more effective importer with user friendly UI and advanced feature. Now user can import csv files for post, page, custom post, custom taxonomies, users, categories/tags, customer reviews, marketpress, wpecommerce, woocommerce, eshop. Our importer helps you to import bulk post for your blog.
Added features […]

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Free Version 3.6.5 available

A new release version 3.6.5 is available for wordpress ultimate csv importer free in wordpress.org. Users can download from or upgrade your old version plugin to new release version here.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer free plugin has again proved as #1 user friendly csv importer for wordpress with 133,800 + downloads and counting on. And […]

CSV Import Cheat Sheets 2014

Users who need to build most advanced csv file with auto mapping headers and full flexibility of attributes with their all possible values can use cheat sheet. It is advised to start initially with pre build sample csv files to understand wp ultimate csv importer plugin behaviour. You can download the pre build sample […]

WordPress CSV Importer – Its time to cheer

Our wide-angle vision made us to reach heights, and we are at 100000+ downloads now. We prove our innovation at every step of the way, and As like the colors of rainbow are an outcome of pure light, here is the best of our innovation – WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin.

We consider target audience as key point of […]

CSV Importer – a simple and easy csv importer tutorial

Importing a csv file in WP Ultimate CSV importer is very easy process. Here is the tutor to import post csv file with step by step process explained. And some guide lines are following for new user.

Import post as csv:
1. Select the Post tab in top of the plugin.
2. Click choose file button and […]

Advanced Easy CSV Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features – Latest Version 3.5

Advanced Ultimate CSV Importer plugin version 3.5.3 with some fixes and custom post type export will be released and available in couple of days our store. The free upgrades will be available to our existing customers on request by mail to our sales or support. Check again for more news and read more about […]

How to import content to wordpress : Simple Steps Tutorial (WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin) Part I

Simple Steps Tutorial (WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin) Part I
Do not forget to continue with Part II
How to import content to wordpress?
It is easy and simple process to import content to wordpress using Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin. You can import any content from a CSV file as wordpress just by mapping/matching your CSV headers […]

How to import content to wordpress : Simple Steps Tutorial (WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin) Part II

Simple Steps Tutorial (WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin) Part I
How to import content to wordpress with advanced features? What is advanced mapping?
Even it is simple to go with normal post properties, there are more advanced mapping features available in Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin. You control each and every field, property of a post just like […]