How to add custom fields using wp ultimate CSV importer

Simple steps explained here to achieve adding Types plugin custom fields using wp ultimate CSV importer plugin. First, you should install “Types” plugin and activate it. Then enable it by selecting settings in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “custom fields”. Click “enable/disable” option in the “Types custom fields” option.

Custom fields are used […]

How to import custom posts as CSV using WP ultimate CSV file importer

First, you need to install and activate CPTUI plugin then create custom post using CPTUI plugin.

Before importing CSV file, you should enable it by selecting “settings” in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “Custom post & Taxonomy”

Click “enable/disable” in “Custom post Type UI” option.

For Import:

To import custom post CSV file, choose “custom […]

How to import Post using WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 4.2

To import a post CSV file select import->post from drop down menu.
A CSV (comma-separated values or character-separated values) is a simple text file contains set values in comma separated format with a header.
In general Headers are the first line in a CSV files which have the column name or field name or term related to the […]

Custom Field Registrations in CSV Importer 4.2

1.ACF Custom Field Registration:

The ACF custom field registration is one of the new features in the development of WP Ultimate CSV importer PRO version 4.2. It cannot be handled in the version 4.1 or any other importer plugin as it is little bit tough to register. So considering this thing and make some changes in the version […]