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Boost Sales + Customer Relations with WooCommerce and Vtiger

Are you using WooCommerce as your online store? Are you looking for an effective tool that manages your easily manages customer and business data captured from your online store? Then we have good news for you. We are introducing a new extension called WooTiger that integrates WooCommerce with Vtiger. WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and manage an online store, while Vtiger CRM offers a wide range of features to help you better manage your customer relationships.

Unlock the Power of Your Email Communication with Vtiger EmailPlus

We’re not busy. We are organizing our time. Won’t you? It’s been a few years since we started using CRM. It helps us streamline business forms to produce more deals and open doors. They ought to have the capacity to help manage current clients, promote prospecting, generate leads for online sales, launch and track marketing campaigns, analyze customer wants and preferences, work with existing applications, and provide safe access to company information from any PC with an Internet connection and a browser. Read more in the article.

A Man with a Monkey Saves His Time with Vtiger Mailchimp Plus: Then What About You?

A monkey and his boss discuss sending a marketing campaign using Mailchimp, which has a logo resembling the monkey. The boss assigns his team to export, clean, and upload contact records from Vtiger CRM to Mailchimp, and segment them appropriately. The post goes into more detail about the process.

Introducing Vtiger Notify Plus: The Best Way to Get Instant Notification in Vtiger CRM

Have you needed help reminding project deadlines in your busy schedules? Have you forgotten and missed important events often? Put a full stop to your worry. Stay calm and Smart. How? Here is a good day for you. We are so glad to release our new and excellent product, Vtiger Notify Plus. Vtiger Notify Plus is an extension that allows the user to trigger any type of notification/alert using a standard Workflow. This Vtiger Notify Plus acts like your personal assistant and reminds you of all your work-related activities at the exact time. Now you don't need to miss any deadlines.

Customize your login page for Vtiger CRM

Brand your CRM to give it a more beautiful look. With the new Vtiger Custom Login Page, you can give your Vtiger CRM a more appealing User Interface that will appeal to everyone. With only one click, create a beautiful login screen with a unique, add-free login page.

Vtiger CRM Beginner’s Guide To Amplify Your Business Operations

Are you ever looking for an efficient way to manage your business operations? Look no further than Vtiger CRM. This powerful software can help you amplify your productivity and efficiency while managing customer relationships. This beginner's guide will show you how to get started with Vtiger CRM and take advantage of all its features. Let's Start now.

Stop Creating Duplicate Records in Your Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM Duplicate Check prevents duplicate record creation in your Vtiger CRM. This extension ensures avoiding repeated entry in your Vtiger CRM data. It checks for repeated entries instantly in your Vtiger CRM to grow data accurately and cleanly. Avoid creating duplicate data in real-time by setting up rules from the setting panel.

Vtiger Customization and extensions

Smackcoders is a expert team of vtiger developers, handles various Vtiger Customization and development services since 2008 with excellent track records. As a highly experienced vtiger development team, we’ve provided various CRM sol...Read More

How To Upgrade Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM has been updated with loads of new features and security fixes. We highly recommend you to move your CRM to the latest version to keep your personal and customer data more secure than before and take advantage of the new features added. The migration process is much simple. However, migrating your CRM requires much more care to upgrade.

Vtiger HR Module with Payroll & TimeSheet

An all in one Human Resource Management Solution is a combination set of both VTiger HR module and VTiger Payroll module. It includes many inbuilt features powers to handle all the HRM related tasks within your CRM itself. VTiger CRM HRMS and Payroll has been completed and available in our store. There is also a live demo available to all users.

Vtiger CRM Delivers Free Open Source CRM Solutions To Your Business Conditions

The team should work together carefully after Crm assembled. to solve any particular issue. A business board prepared for the adoption of a CRM. Board created along with its direct and indirect enhancement talent. Scope out Return On Investment (ROI) projections. It's documented for a final project charter. The project charter is then converted into requirements. Later, it integrates into Vtiger CRM.

Step by Step Procedure of Vtiger CRM Installation and Basic Configuration

Try importing only a few records before importing everything just to make sure you've mapped everything properly. Also, use a CSV file format that wraps all of the values in commas so they can contain commas. Prepare CSV file neat with meaningful headers and start the process by clicking Import icon from Sales | Leads. Some of your leads are imported into Vtiger.

Asterisk PBX – A smarter way to connect with your customers

Engaging with prospects or customers is the top priority for any salespeople. The more prospects your sales rep reaches, the more opportunities they’ll create and the more deals can be closed. But in this modern era, customers' expectations are constantly an increasing factor. Read more..
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