Announcing Business Intelligence MetriX

Modern business with online website is bursting at the seams with data with a lot of statistics to monitor. Business Intelligence MetriX helps you visualize all your data in dashboards to continuously track and measure them in real time. The data are displayed in widgets which provide an easy way to interpret the data.

You can manage any number of websites for yourself or your clients and with a lot of analytics and webmaster data to handle your online marketing strategy. Logging in multiple tools to fetch each data is tedious and complicated, Business Intelligence MetriX tracks all the data of different website as a widget in a single dashboard.


Bringing widgets of all your sales performance, product performance, eCommerce overview, etc in a single dashboard help you to focus on company incoming revenue, analytics, conversions, purchases, transactions, etc. The audience overview with the details of page views, users, bounce rate, etc helps to improve the performance of the website.

Webmaster widget lists the total number of URLs mapped and the malware URL that Google couldn’t successfully crawl. The count of crawl issue in websites that affects the performance in Google is updated to act quickly.

Learn more about the app from the Product page. Give the app a try by downloading it in Play Store.


We are keeping our ears wide open to hear your feedback and feature suggestions at [email protected]

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