Bring Sales and Marketing together : CRM MailChimp Integration

April 16, 2018

Are your sales and marketing team working in chaos, and keep on switching between Sales and Marketing tools to get all their work done?

MailChimp Integration, to connect your Email Marketing tool with SuiteCRM and Vtiger CRM. This enables your team keep the sales and marketing activities in sync. You can get all the necessary info right inside your CRM.


Connect Mailchimp and CRM

Keep your MailChimp and CRM mailing List in sync by bidirectionally sync all your Leads and Contacts. For instance, you have website leads funneling into your CRM, and want to sync all those lead information to MailChimp to send well-targeted email for efficient nurturing. Use CRM MailChimp integration to sync all your Lead/ Contact information to MailChimp and then also sync back to your CRM, if it has undergone any changes. All this without any delays. Just map the fields and start syncing.

Campaign analytics in CRM

Now you’ve sent a campaign to your targeted Leads, and what’s next? You need to analyze your campaign to ensure its success rate. Get all this information in your CRM. With a more intuitive graph, you can easily get to know the impact of your campaign. Efficient tracking of your campaign Open rates, Click rates, Unique clicks, and open, Bounce rate, etc. With this, you can easily measure your subscriber’s engagement and better improve your campaigns.

Workflows & Logs

Workflow – MailChimp Integration lets you define your own conditions for CRM Lists subscribers to MailChimp. Define your conditions and Choose your MailChimp List on which you need to add/ remove records.

Logs – Gives you the complete list of sync info in one place. You can get both the success and failure along with a message to let you know the reason for the failure.

Track Individual activities

With Freddie, you can easily keep track of your Lead/ Contacts, Individually. Click on Freddie, in the detail view of the record to know their interest and involvements with the products.

Check out Live demo and try it out by yourself: Vtiger Mailchimp Integration, MailChimp Integration for SuiteCRM and kindly write to us your feedbacks at [email protected].