Bring in Leads/ Contacts directly inside your Zoho CRM with WP Leads Builder For CRM

October 4, 2017

On any given day, your customers visit your website and add their details on website forms in order to know more about your products or services. By the time, how do you cherish & captivate those leads ? It’s simple : Just connecting to your leads as soon as possible and efficient follow up with a unbeatable service can help you to close deal.


But it’s not the actual process, initially you need to gather all the client details and need to transfer the info to the right people to handle the enquiry, then your salespeople need to connect with the clients at the right time. And all this need to be done without any delays. However we can’t ensure, that it happens every time and none of your leads slip through cracks. Well, Is this the common scenario of your website too?

Then, it’s the right time to switch to WP Leads Builder For CRM to make things a bit easier by automating all this process. By integrating your WordPress website with Zoho CRM, Leads builder automates Lead capture and bump your CRM with hot Leads.

All in lightening fast speed

From Lead capture to Lead Assigning, Leads Builder helps you to automate the entire process. When your customers just hits the submit button, the form information will be automatically populated in your Zoho CRM. With Leads Builder For CRM, you can easily assign those Leads to your sales reps one after the other based on Round Robin method.

Duplicate & Spam Free Leads

With swamps of Leads bumping into your CRM, it is possible to have duplicate entries. Leads Builder For CRM provides with different set of options to efficiently handle the duplicates, you can either Skip or Update or Create. And with the Google Captcha to easily filter out the spam Leads.

Unique features

Not only the Lead info, but also know how your Leads are here! Whether through your campaigns or keywords or Google Ads. When the customer click on the Ad and fills out the form, Leads Builder automatically captures the GCLID fields info. With this, you can easily get to know which keywords or campaign generates more traffic and Leads.

Go ahead and get it a try!

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