Better Workflow with Enhanced Vtiger MailChimp Integration

September 28, 2016

Vtiger MailChimp Integration has been enhanced to make your email marketing more simple within your Vtiger CRM. New update has been rolled out with improved list relation with their campaign, detailed campaign information in Vtiger MailChimp Dashboard, all new Freddie to reply with group & activities information and much more.

Vtiger MailChimp Integration

Relate MailChimp List with Campaign

With improved Vtiger MailChimp Integration you can can relate the subscribers list with their related campaigns. You have complete control either to include or exclude the newly added subscribers with existing campaigns.

MailChimp Groups and Groupings

The Vtiger extension for MailChimp enables you to create MailChimp Groups and Groupings within your Vtiger CRM. Now you can easily choose the groups & groupings related with their MailChimp List.

Intuitive User Interface

New enhanced user interface enables you to have a unique experience throughout your Vtiger CRM. All the menus and options of Vtiger MailChimp Integration will have the same styles of font, colour as your chosen Vtiger theme.

More Information with Freddie

Now you can get more information from all new Freddie. The details of the member groups and activity performed can be seen in detailed view of your Leads, Contacts and Accounts module. You can easily track the member activities in your CRM.

Other Minor Improvements

Log module has been improved to give more details of the synced, skipped and failed Subscribers, Lists and Campaigns. More added information of Account name in settings module to make sure in what Vtiger account you are working on. Improved groups and groupings listing, notifications, mass edit option and much more.

You can try the product in action in our live demo instance. To know more about the features, you can refer our Vtiger MailChimp Integration page and documentation. If you want the integration to be customized for your instance feel free to write the requirements at [email protected].