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WordPress is a popular content management platform that offers a very easy and quick solution for creating a blog website. The best WordPress hosting companies are ranked based on their quality. It will save you the time and effort of starting your website from scratch by taking care of all the creation and maintenance of your website.

Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress is a website hosting solution that enables constructing a WordPress site with ease. These usually include WordPress installation, backup process, and updates along with the security and performance tests. The managed website host plans offered by hosting service providers are well suitable for these needs.

Are you in a hurry? Here is the Top 3 Providers

If you have trouble choosing your hosting company, here are the three best ones I recommend (& why). It is perfect for your scaler if you want to improve customer support and reduce costs while preserving user-friendliness. For detailed info on these eight hosts, read through this complete guide.

Other 5 competitors to consider

The pros of managed hosting for WordPress

Premium Managed Hosting provides a bulletproof level of security. They offer extremely high-security levels on server hardware, meaning DDoS attacks won’t compromise your data. The shared hosting provider does not provide good customer support. The majority of firms employ very talented people well-trained in WordPress. A website cannot assist with simple and efficient things for your website. You have access to 24/7 WordPress support.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are the eight managed WordPress hosting providers. WP Engine Hosting offers the most managed option in the industry. The price is slightly high as compared to other hosting services. It is the most popular hosting company in terms of the security and speed of WordPress, and its developers are highly skilled. The software provides a backup/recovery feature with every hosting plan.

WP Engines Flywheel offers managed to host to suit specific clients. The company is more than merely hosting but is focused on streamlining web design professionals’ workflows worldwide. A bundle of features that you might find useful include a simple collaboration system with a billing service that sends clients to a staging website. You can manage a whole website on a single screen. The Flywheel Support Team is staffed with professional WordPress developers, so you can always rely on a competent person for the best help.

We have listed some good managed WordPress hosting companies. What should I choose based on my needs? Our website also provides other resources to help you choose a good WordPress host. These resources are meant to assist you in choosing the best WordPress web host.

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Why should you choose managed WordPress Hosting?

It is not always possible because groups separate people. It would help if you found out what is right in your case. Perhaps your initial DIY solution is to upgrade to managed hosting as the company grows.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

Hosting manageable is a good choice for people who want these features. It can be possible to perform most tasks yourself by installing plugins for handling them. They are quite tedious. Installing plugins leaves features left unselected, conflicts, and issues unresolvable.

Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

You might start by investing in managed hosting. We’ve talked about the best way to manage WordPress hosting today if you don’t know the best way. 

Kinsta could save you $200+/mo on-site costs

Your current website hosting service may cause you trouble. At Kinsta, our goal is to make every single plan free. Find out what’s happening here.

Automatic backups (never lose your data)

Are there any other ways of losing your money? It is best to always plan and backup your WordPress sites. An excellent WordPress hosting company must always feature automatic backup without additional charges. Shared servers usually offer backup only on more expensive plans. But if you go DIY with your VPS, you must create backups and snapshots, adding costs. Kinsta helps users backup their WooCommerce store and create a backup for them to save data for later. The plan includes six different types of backup:

One-click Staging Environments

Test and Evaluation: If you don t have enough money to keep it up, you must always check your development site to see if there are any new plugins. However, most web hosting services require testing to be done locally and find out how the changed content can be transferred to another website. Several managed WordPress hosting providers use simple staging environments that help WordPress test easily. You can use one-click development environments for cloning your website in just one click.

You Get Superior Support

WordPress hosting offers superior security and performance. Managed WordPress usually hosts only handles WordPress. So, it is impossible to hack Drupal, Magento, or other platforms or software. The support team usually focuses on a specific area and becomes experts in that area – though not at all. Kinsta supports a range of WordPress and PHP software development projects that are supported with WordPress Core and also supports Open Source projects. The Kinsta team works with WordPress daily. Consequently, we provide unparalleled support.

We have strategically located Data Centers for Global Reach

Managed WordPress hosting providers typically have bigger infrastructure designed to support worldwide reach. We have 34 distinct regions on Kinsta that allow you to install a WordPress website. These locations encompass locations throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Getting closer to customers reduces the latency on the Internet and increases the speed of loading the page. Latency is the time or delay involved with data transmission over networks. As distance increases, the latency increases.

Optimized for High Performance

The second advantage of a hosted WordPress hosting provider is that they have optimized environments for using WordPress. Generally, they’re on barebones systems and require much work to install software and optimize to achieve the speeds that WordPress hosting provides. There’s nothing you could do on an open hosting platform to achieve the speed you’d need. In Twitter polls, over a thousand users voted for performance as one of their top qualities.


SiteGround offers a managed WordPress service for the full portfolio that includes automatic updating of the core and free plugins and convenience tools, including staging and WP-CLI. Performance security features at the server and application levels are available from the site level.

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