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Automate and Schedule Pay Run in OrangeHRM with Payroll Module

Technology have altered every dimensions of an organizations and business of all sizes. Payroll becomes the integral part of all. Time necessary to process employee payment for entire organization is tedious and laborious. Payroll for OrangeHRM schedules and automatically reschedules the pay run process shouldering the administration of work paying employees.

Schedule Pay Run

With Payroll Frequency Laws most of the common frequencies are monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly and weekly. Every business decides their best payroll schedule based on their outfit and employees. Payroll for OrangeHRM enables you to schedule pay automatically based on your best frequencies.

Payroll enables you to define unique payday for employees of different location and department with different salary templates. Payroll being more flexible, enable you to automatically reschedule with the preferred frequency without manual interventions.

Schedule Payrun

Pay Run Report

Every organization requires payscale report to verify performance and add benefits to their employees. Payroll makes this simple by enabling you to verify pay scale of an individual employee or all employee in a department, location, etc based on their groups. You can define your own fields to create the Pay Run report with the employees filtered based on the required conditions.

Payrun Report

Export & Import Attendance

Data migration has always been key requirement when people wish to switch information from one system to another. With the advancement of technology most of the business environment uses fingerprint scanning for employee attendance. When it’s time to run payroll at the the end of a pay period, Payroll for OrangeHRM easily transfers the data to payroll solution for processing.

Payroll for OrangeHRM makes this possible by enabling you to import your employee attendance data downloaded from any biometric devices in no time. You can also easily import attendance details saved in a CSV file.

With employee’s disciple in mind, you can download your employees attendance sheet as a simple CSV file to monitor as well as analyze trends. If you have to edit any attendance details, you can make the changes and upload it again to update the data.

Import and Export Attendance

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