Auto-complete your address fields with the Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM 3.0

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  • Auto-complete your address fields with the Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM 3.0

Salespeople spent most of their time entering and managing their customer database in CRM. Entering the same information like the street, mailing city, state, country, etc over again and again consumes lots of time and effort. Approximately 50% of your business time is spent on entering the same information more than ten times. Because many customers are from the same street, city, state, and country. So there is no need to enter all the same information manually. To reduces the burden of entering the address fields hundreds of times a simple extension will make it so cool with the auto-suggestion and auto-complete of address fields.

Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM

This Address lookup for Vtiger CRM will integrate the Google place API and Vtiger CRM. As soon as you start typing the address, all the related addresses for the incomplete fields will be suggested with the help of Google Maps API.  As the extension is configured with the Google API the address that was suggested was very accurate. The auto-complete of address fields makes smoother and faster entries of address. The Salesperson can easily enter the accurate address on all the modules in a short span of time. When you start typing the first two letters of the street name, then the extension auto-suggests all the relevant addresses related to which you type. Just by clicking on the particular address, it auto-completes all the address fields like street, city, State, Country, etc.

Enable/Disable Autocomplete Address fields

In some cases, you need not want the address suggestions or auto-filling of address fields. Then you can easily disable the switch to deactivate the autocomplete address fields. And you can enable the autocomplete at any time whenever you want. The extension is so flexible with the user’s needs. That is the user has complete control over enabling and disabling the features of autocomplete address fields.

Easy Configuration and Mapping with User-friendly UI

Configuration is all about everything for any extensions to work. This module has an easy-to-configure option with a user-friendly UI. You can select any core modules from the drop-down. Then it works only for core modules? No. Whenever you add the custom modules, the custom fields will be automatically updated to this module list shown in the drop-down. And you can easily map the address fields of the Vtiger module by selecting the related fields from the drop-down. And also you can add Multiple fields for mapping different addresses by simple navigation of Add + icon.

Features of Address Lookup in Vtiger CRM

Benefits of Auto-filling address fields

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