Asterisk PBX in CRM – A smarter way to connect with your customers

September 5, 2017

Engaging with prospects or customer is the top priority for any salespeople. The more prospects your sales rep reach, the more opportunities they’ll create and the more deals can be closed. But in this modern era, customers expectations are constantly an increasing factor. So every sales rep are arming themselves with a different set of tools – CRM, Email and Phone that can help them to better meet the needs of the customers. They may use Email and Phone for communicating with customers and prospects. And use CRM for maintaining their sales pipeline, managing contact info and much more.


Since these tools are indispensable for every salesperson, the combination of these can bring endless benefits to your salesperson and business. Integrating telephony into a CRM solution unlocks many advantages which help in streamlining your sales and service communications. A lot such powerful and productive benefits can be attained by your business when you integrate Asterisk PBX and CRM. Now, all these amazing features are bundled in ready-to-use PBXManager Suite package.

Call tracking, Call recording, Call forwarding, Call Logging, Making call within your CRM are some of the effective and beneficial integration that can be done. Likewise, much more integration can be done based on the requirements. To know more about our services, kindly contacts us at Customization and Development services.

CRM telephony integration brings your communications platforms right inside your CRM to create one complete customer success platform. Here are some of the benefits of integrating your CRM with Asterisk PBX.

Single click dialing

By integrating your CRM and Asterisk PBX, your sales team will be able to do more and faster than ever before. Now your salespeople will no longer need to dial the phone number every time they need to call. All they need to do is just click on the contact number inside your CRM and can easily connect with your customers.

Personalized customer service

Even if your CRM is stacked with hundreds of customer information, you can greet all your customers by their name when you connect your Asterisk PBX with CRM. Whenever an incoming call is received your sales reps will see a pop-up window with information on who’s calling right inside your CRM and they can easily get the complete details about your customer with a single click.

Improved quality of service

Have you ever encountered a scenario, “when a query escalated to a manager who couldn’t know any previous history about the calls” – simply because there is no call record? But this is not going to be an issue with Asterisk PBX integration for CRM. All your sales rep calls with customers are recorded by Asterisk PBX and saved on the Connector and you can easily access them any time.

Increase Productivity

With such integration, your salespeople will spend less time and effort on each call, thus they can make and accept more calls, which makes better revenue for your business.

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