Employee Appraisal , Soft Loan Process , Advanced reporting added to Payroll for OHRM

June 16, 2016

Employee Welfare is one of the core entity of any business. This process is now made much more robust and simpler to handle with well enhanced Payroll for OrangeHRM. The enhancement includes refinement of existing modules and addition of Employee Appraisal and Loan Management

Better Pay Accuracy:

OrangeHRM for Payroll manages employees’ time processes such as hours of leave. The payroll process in conjunction with leave gives you accurate salary calculations. It helps you calculate employees’ late arrival for 1 or more days as leave for half day and lower working hours as a day of leave. It also excludes the number of permitted leave from salary deduction and includes the incremental amount of salary appraisal for each department or User in percentage or fixed amount.

Appraisal Process:

Payroll for OrangeHRM enables to define the salary appraisal for the individual employees and as a team in accordance with their effectiveness and productivity. The salary increment can be defined in percentage of current Salary package or fixed amount. The increment can also be assigned for a whole department or individuals.

Employee Loan / Advance:

Granting Soft loans to an needy employee will increase their focus and commitments towards work. However, the tracking and processing of salary advances, loans and salary detections is critical. The loan process is made flexible while the admin can set limits for the maximum loan that can be granted. You can define number of installments and monthly salary deduction will be added to the payroll calculation.

Advance report for payroll and loan:

Reports are very important in any money transaction. We have taken extra care to provide options to search the data in multiple possible filters. You can search the salary details or loan amount with multiple advanced filters based on the department, location, user, etc. You can also export the details in the form of pdf.

Salary Calculation and Employee self-service:

Orange HRM for Payroll enables to define multiple salary structure with unique salary template with user defined salary component. Each salary component can be defined with fixed amount or a formula to calculate the value. The payslip will be automated based on the salary template assigned to the employee. The payslip can be generated manually or based on the schedule. Your Employee can access their payslip anytime in their own login. The Salary slip can be sent over email also.

We are happy to hear your feedback on the features of Orange HRM for Payroll at [email protected]. You can also write to us for any feature request and enhancements. We are glad helping you!