Announcing Vtiger Duplicate Check – Instant Duplicate Detection Tool

August 18, 2016

Customer Relationship Management is essential in giving your Leads and Contacts what they want. When the number of records in your CRM Leads, Contacts or any module grows, duplication of data is possible. Duplicate record occupies extra storage, and multiple salesman working on the same Lead or Contact will waste their time and effort. Multiple contact to the client creates a lower reputation to your prospects. And each unwanted effort and work will increase the expenses.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”. Vtiger Duplicate Check will help you save every penny you spend on duplicate data.

Instant Vtiger Duplicate Check

When your salesman enters new Lead, Contact or any customer information, they will not search for the records before adding them into the CRM. As with data duplication, the correction cycle may take time. Cleaning CRM data after a long time is risky and difficult. Vtiger Duplicate Check will verify instantly, When new data is inserted. It pops out an alert, if the data already exists.

Customer information fields like First name, Last name can be similar for 2 different Leads or Contacts. Alerting your salesman in each and every field can be annoying. Vtiger Duplicate Check will allow you to specify the fields to check for duplicates. You can select unique fields like Email, Phone number, etc.,.

Keeping customer information in Leads after converting as your customer in Contacts/Organizations module will consume unwanted CRM storage. Even if your storage area is big and the record is of small size, storing multiple small size duplicates will increase your expenses. Vtiger Duplicate Check will help you prevent by checking for duplicates records with Email and Phone field across Leads, Contacts and Organization module.

When you insert your CRM data in bulk with import tools and integrations with outside sources such as webforms, partner portals, etc., the application will not check for duplicates. If you use tools and integrations to sync or import data, you can try out our Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger. It will help you find and merge duplicates periodically without manual intervention.

You can learn more in the documentation. Try the Live Demo and write to us for any assistance. You can also write to us your requirements to enhance the product for your need at [email protected]. We are happy to hear from you!