Announcing Smart Checklist: A Checklist module for Vtiger CRM

May 24, 2016

Vtiger Smart Checklist

Forgetting is one of the boon and bane of Human being. We always miss to follow our routines in the day to day life. But Customers or Sales Process cannot digest such missed tasks.

To ease your mind, we have created the Smart Checklist. With this, you can create multiple checklists per module which can be marked for completion for each record on that module.

To stop Leads from getting converted to Contact / Organization /  Opportunity from Lead, we have added an option to add a checklist to the Convert Lead flow.  You can create mandatory checklist item which will make sure only if the mandatory task is completed, the lead can be converted to Opportunity / Organization /Contact.  

You can refer our product page for more information on the product. You can write to us your feedback at [email protected].