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Announcing new Vtiger MailChimp Integration with support for Vtiger7

Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts for Vtiger MailChimp Integration. Now, Vtiger MailChimp module has been enhanced to add compatibility for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7. You can bidirectionally sync your Campaigns, Leads and more between your Vtiger CRM and  MailChimp. With all this on one part, Do you know what exactly you can get by sync the data between your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM?


However in every business, marketing and sales teams are the go-to source for acquiring successful business growth and they can achieve more by working together. A famous cliche, Marketing and Sales teams that successfully work together can win together. While that sounds good. In many organisations, marketing and sales teams are still working in silos, with distinct priorities. Your marketing team is focused on generating as many leads as possible and wonders why hard-earned deals are going nowhere, while sales team complaints that leads are low qualified. What’s the reason behind this? Is the problem lies with the teams? No, this is largely due to three central issues:

  • Lack of communication between the teams
  • Lack of insight into each team’s interactions with customers
  • Disconnected tools

With the right tools and the right strategy in place, you can easily tackle all the these issues, resulting in effortless efficiency and a smoother, faster sales cycle. Well, you can easily achieve this using Vtiger MailChimp Integration.

Better Insight

Now your sales and marketing team no longer need to juggle between your Vtiger CRM and MailChimp for campaign or Leads/ Contacts information. With Vtiger MailChimp Integration you can easily get all these info inside your Vtiger CRM and thereby helps your sales rep in efficient Lead followups.

Know your Audience with efficient campaign analysis

Knowing your audience is the key source in marketing and sales to serve them with more relevant and targeted information. Now with Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can easily get to know your customers by efficiently monitoring and analyzing your campaign activities. By bringing all your campaign information like campaign open rates, clicks and more inside your Vtiger CRM, it is easy for you to know your customer interest and involvement with the products at a glance.

Comprehensive Return on Investment

By integrating your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM, you can get the true ROI of your campaign to ensure your campaign success and helps to strengthen the impact of your campaign.

Not tried yet? Checkout in our Live Demo . For more info, you write to us at [email protected] or kindly leave us a comment below.

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