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Vtiger + MailChimp Integration lets you bidirectionally sync your Campaigns, Leads and more between your Vtiger CRM and MailChimp. With all this in one part, do you know what exactly you can get by sync the data send target emails between your email marketing tool to integrate the MailChimp and Vtiger CRM?


In every business, marketing and sales teams are the go-to source for acquiring successful business growth and they can achieve more by working together. A famous cliche, Marketing and Sales teams that successfully work together can win together. While that sounds good. In many organizations, marketing and sales teams are still working in silos, with distinct priorities. Your marketing team is focused on generating as many leads as possible and wonders why hard-earned deals are going nowhere, while sales team complaints that leads are low qualified. What’s the reason behind this? Does the problem lie with the teams? No, this is largely due to three central issues:

With the right tools and the right strategy in place, you can easily tackle all these issues, resulting in effortless efficiency and a smoother, faster sales cycle. Well, you can easily achieve this using Vtiger MailChimp Integration.

Better Insight

Now your sales and marketing team no longer need to juggle between your Vtiger CRM and MailChimp for campaign or Leads/Contacts /Accounts information. With Vtiger MailChimp Integration you can easily get all this info inside your Vtiger CRM and thereby helps your sales rep in efficient Lead follow ups. You can sync your MailChimp Audience as Vtiger Lists, MailChimp Subscribers as Vtiger Leads/Contacts/Accounts and MailChimp Campaigns to Vtiger Campaigns. All these syncs can be done in both the directions. You can perform manual sync as well as schedule the sync process to auto update data at a particular period of time.

The List in Vtiger includes main audience management tools like tags, segments, webhooks groups and groupings data. You can add, delete, or edit these inside the List in Vtiger. These data also can be synced bidirectionally along with the List between Vtiger and MailChimp.

Campaign analysis and follow up made easy

Yolanda is a sales executive at Xanko. She comes to work on a typical Monday morning, checks her to-do piled up with a lot of sales follow up. She then checks her calendar and sees a week full of scheduled appointments lined up. A couple of notifications beeps on her window, notifying her pending tasks of Friday. And then there is a ping from her manager asking about the status of the last week’s campaign. With a lot of tasks in queue, Yolanda juggles between her CRM and MailChimp to get the campaign reports.

Well, Lucky for all who use Vtiger MailChimp Integration!

Vtiger MailChimp Integration has a dashboard that brings in all the campaign details within the CRM. Each campaign sent from a particular account are listed and the details of clicks, open rates, bounce, subscribers and more are described pictorially in charts. You can easily analyze the campaign’s growth for better decision making.

Campaign Information


The graph shows the overall campaign result from the day to the current date it is delivered. You can analyze the success rate of any particular campaign sent.

Campaign Advice


The Campaign preview enables to have a look at the details of the campaign sent. You can refer to the campaign content and the advice to check the cause of the success or failure of a campaign.

Lead/Contact List Information


Freddie tells you the groups and grouping the Lead/Contact to which he/she belongs. You can add or remove Lead/Contact to the groups and groupings listed.

Lead/Contact Activity

Freddie tracks the campaign activity of the individual Lead/Contact. You can easily get to know their interest and involvement with the products in the campaign at a glance.

Yolanda now gets all required information within her CRM. She can be more productive by analyzing the campaign results and managing sales flow in one place.

Know your Audience with efficient campaign analysis

Knowing your audience is the key source in marketing and sales to serve them with more relevant and targeted information. Now with Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can easily get to know your customers by efficiently monitoring and analyzing your campaign activities. By bringing all your campaign information like campaign open rates, clicks and more inside your Vtiger CRM, it is easy for you to know your customer interest and involvement with the products at a glance.

Track growth history of List

Vtiger MailChimp Integration shows you the growth history of every list in Vtiger. You can view all over list growth in ‘Vtiger MailChimp Dashboard’ as well as view monthly growth history of the list inside the each list detail view. You can check logs of every sync in ‘Logs’. This integration also allows you to create and remove List directly from your Vtiger.

Comprehensive Return on Investment

By integrating your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM, you can get the true ROI of your campaign to ensure your campaign success and help to strengthen the impact of your campaign.

Vtiger CRM MailChimp Plugin Installation Tutorial

Follow this simple step by step procedure to install the module and get to know how to use Vtiger CRM MailChimp application on your Vtiger CRM.

Plugin Installation

1. Backup your VtTiger Database before proceeding with installation.
2. In your Vtiger CRM, go to VTiger CRM Settings >> CRM Settings and select ‘Modules’.
3. Click “Import Module from Zip” to import the zip.
4. Enable the checkbox of ‘I accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed’ and Click on the “Select from My Computer” button.
5. Select MailChimpPlus.zip file and click Import. If you are stuck with any warnings, please read the warning carefully. Warning may occur if the file name already exists. So you can update the existing file.
6. After successful Import, click “Finish”.

How to Sync List/Audience

How to add Groups

How to add Segments

How to add Tags

How to add Webhooks in List

Hope this article helps you learn more about Vtiger MailChimp Integration. If you want to have a look at how Yolanda made her task simple, check out our live demo. If you need any help, write to us at [email protected].

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