New Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM – To Spot & wipe out the duplicate

Delivering outstanding customer service is continued to be the standard for most of the businesses, competing in this digital economy. Since every business organisation know that satisfied customers buy more often, in higher volumes leading to long term value of customer relationship and loyalty. However to employ your customers with better services, clear and accurate customer information is essential. So that you can better know your customer needs and satisfy them.


For every organisation, “Customer Data” is vital – without this where would your marketing, customer support and finance departments be? And yet, the amount of data we accumulate these days is growing exponentially, which lead to “Data Inaccuracy” and making it difficult for many organisation to manage it effectively. For any business, inaccurate data may lead to,

  • Higher consumption of resources
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • High maintenance cost
  • Increased spam counts
  • Wastage of time and effort
  • Lack of Productivity
  • Inaccurate reports

So how can we eliminate it? Here is the solution for you to detect the duplicates in your CRM and eliminate it. Say Hello, to the all-new “Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM”.

Unique fields to detect duplicates

We’ve have introduced something called “Unique Fields”. You can choose to select the particular fields as unique fields to check for duplicates. Everytime you push new record into the CRM with the variable same as that of the unique field, a prompt pops up saying that a duplicate is found. This helps you to make sure that no duplicates are generated in SuiteCRM.

Check over different modules

Your customer information may be stored in different modules. So checking for duplicates in a single module will no longer useful. So that we given an additional feature called “Cross Module Duplicate Detection” to detect duplicates across different modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases and Targets.

Complete control over check

Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM allows you to check for duplicates by defining your own rules. You can easily enable/ disable the duplicate check mode for the module of your choice.

Now maintaining your SuiteCRM data clean without any duplicates is made easy with Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM. Get started today! Give us your feedback on what you think can be improved would be of great assistance for us. Kindly write to us at [email protected] or Please leave your comments below.

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