Announcing JoForce the best alternative to Vtiger CRM

Today at Smackcoders, we are all excited to announce our new Open Source CRM JoForce.

The story behind why we started is quite interesting. As you all know for years we have been developing integrations for Vtiger CRM. We also do CRM hosting and customize the installation based on our customer’s requirement. After the release of Vtiger version 7.0 many of our customers found various problems of data loss during migration, vulnerability issue, Google Calendar data sync issue and more. And we advised most of our other customers not to upgrade and waited for the stable version to be released. But the time we waited for a stable release went vain.


This is not their beginning of releasing a Open Source with bugs, all this started even when they released their Vtiger CRM version 6.0. And it raises a question ‘Is Vtiger CRM wants all of it’s community users to start looking for a paid version?’

At this point, we decided to come up with a better Open Source CRM that brings hope for all our customers and Open Source users. We fixed the issues stated by our customers and the community of users in the Vtiger CRM open discussion. Saving each penny of our customers and to get a better experience with their Open Source CRM, we have launched JoForce.

JoForce is an Open Source CRM with rich features bundled in one suite

  • Built your own module with Module studio.
  • Craft your Invoice, Quotes and more docs as PDF files with PDF maker.
  • Intuitively meaningful semantic or user-friendly URLs.
  • Keep your CRM clean without any duplicate Lead/Contact insertion, instant duplicate check.
  • Insert your Lead record without any typos, autocomplete addresses as you start typing.

It’s just the beginning of what we started with. We have lot more value added features in pipeline. I would like you to be one of the first to try JoForce. I am eager to know what you think please feel free to send me your thoughts at [email protected].

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