Listing out the Release Updates of SuiteCRM Integration Plugins

This blog will provide information about listing of feature release updates of SuiteCRM Integration plugins . Read on to discover more.

Feature Updates in SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration Plugin

Imagine that you’ve launched some new arrivals in your eCommerce store and want all your customers to hear about it. So now, you will log into your MailChimp, create your beautiful campaign with eye-catching images of your new arrivals and send it to your customers.


After some time, you’re about to follow-up with the clients, to know about their thoughts whether they loved the new arrivals or not. By the time, instead of using a flat followup content that is equal to all your customers, you need to make your content more relevant based on your customer interest and involvement with the new arrivals, right?

Of course yes, but here comes the trouble. You will rush to your MailChimp account to know your customer interest and most probably, you will be juggling between your MailChimp and CRM. As you will maintain all your client communication in CRM and email campaigns in MailChimp.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could connect these completely disconnected tools together, so you can know about your individual customer interest and involvement right from your CRM? This is what our new announcement is all about. SuiteCRM MailChimp, now you can get to know about your individual contacts interest and involvement right from your SuiteCRM.

Know your customers

SuiteCRM MailChimp tracks and brings the campaign activity information right inside the individual contact of your SuiteCRM. You can get the list of all campaigns sent and confirmation for email opens and clicks of individual campaigns. So you can now easily send more relevant follow-ups to your customers without any hassle.

What’s more this release includes

In this release, we have fixed some nasty issues and made performance improvements in SuiteCRM MailChimp.

Paired with the SuiteCRM MailChimp’s existing features, it now gives you a complete picture of your MailChimp Campaign analytics right in your SuiteCRM. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give a try now.

What’s new in SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration

While we try to remain more productive and efficient in our workplace, it’s easy to get distracted by a simple monotonous task. Let’s say, the back-and-forth communication between the sales and accounts team to get things done. However, with the right set of tools, one can easily get rid of their boring repetitive task and concentrate on things that really matter.

SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration, a connector tool to bring your SuiteCRM and QuickBooks accounting information under one roof. So no more back-and-forth communication, as it offers a better insight into your customer and accounting information in a unified view and thereby maximizes your business efficiency.


What’s new?

We’re happy to present you some more new additions to its existing features that will keep you more productive and help you to continually scale your business.

Sync accounts & product category info

In addition to bidirectional synchronization of Contacts, Product, Quotes, and Invoice now you start synchronizing your Accounts i.e. Organizations and Product Category information between your SuiteCRM and QuickBooks.

Sync all in one go

Worried about synchronizing all your existing information? Bidirectionally synchronize all your existing Accounts and Product Category information in one click without switching between multiple tabs.

Sync Automation

Does your SuiteCRM or QuickBooks undergo frequent updates? No Problem, keep your data up-to-date with automated synchronization of your Accounts and Product Category information based on your CRON time.

Secured Data Transfer

QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration has been upgraded with support for the QuickBooks API version 3. You can instantly sync your Contacts, Products, Quotes and Invoices from your SuiteCRM to Quickbooks and vice versa in a more secure way.

Sync CRM Product to QuickBooks

QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration syncs your SuiteCRM Products with your QuickBooks Products and Services. The updated field mapping section helps you to send the data of each Product to the appropriate field in the QuickBooks Products and Services. All the newly included mandatory fields of QuickBooks are auto generated in your SuiteCRM with the automapped dropdown field with the option to customize the data.

Automatic bidirectional update

QuickBooks SuiteCRM Integration bidirectionally updates both SuiteCRM and QuickBooks with the latest information of products, invoice, etc. It allows you to sync the data periodically between the two systems at a scheduled time in a defined order. It also helps you to eliminate data entry errors and minimize duplication of information by creating, updating and maintaining data in either of the systems.

Along with these new additions, we have also fixed a few performance issues. Go ahead and try the SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration.

Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM – To Spot & wipe out the CRM duplicates

Delivering outstanding customer service is continued to be the standard for most of the businesses, competing in this digital economy. Since every business organization knows that satisfied customers buy more often, in higher volumes leading to long term value of customer relationship and loyalty. However, to employ your customers with better services, clear and accurate customer information is essential. So that you can better know your customer needs and satisfy them.


For every organization, “Customer Data” is vital – without this where would your marketing, customer support and finance departments be? And yet, the amount of data we accumulate these days is growing exponentially, which leads to “Data Inaccuracy” and making it difficult for many organizations to manage it effectively. For any business, inaccurate data may lead to,

  • Higher consumption of resources
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • High maintenance cost
  • Increased spam counts
  • Wastage of time and effort
  • Lack of Productivity
  • Inaccurate reports

So how can we eliminate it? Here is the solution for you to detect the duplicates in your CRM and eliminate it. Say Hello, to the Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM.

Unique fields to detect duplicates

We've introduced something called “Unique Fields”. You can choose to select the particular fields as unique fields to check for duplicates. Every time you push a new record into the CRM with the variable same as that of the unique field, a prompt pops up saying that a duplicate is found. This helps you to make sure that no duplicates are generated in SuiteCRM.

Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM allows you to check for duplicates by defining your own rules. You can easily enable/ disable the duplicate check mode for the module of your choice. Now maintaining your SuiteCRM data clean without any duplicates is made easy with Duplicate Check for SuiteCRM. Get started today!

Here is another handy plugin, for creating leads from your inbound emails.

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