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Announcing fresh new updates for SuiteCRM MailChimp

Imagine that you’ve launched some new arrivals in your eCommerce store and want all your customers to hear about it. So now, you will log into your MailChimp, create your beautiful campaign with eye-catching images of your new arrivals and send it to your customers.


After some time, you’re about to follow-up with the clients, to know about their thoughts whether they loved the new arrivals or not. By the time, instead of using a flat followup content that is equal to all your customers, you need to make your content more relevant based on your customer interest and involvement with the new arrivals, right?

Of course yes, but here comes the trouble. You will rush to your MailChimp account to know your customer interest and most probably, you will be juggling between your MailChimp and CRM. As you will maintain all your client communication in CRM and email campaigns in MailChimp.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could connect these completely disconnected tools together, so you can know about your individual customer interest and involvement right from your CRM?

This is what our new announcement is all about. SuiteCRM MailChimp, now you can get to know about your individual contacts interest and involvement right from your SuiteCRM.

Know your customers

SuiteCRM MailChimp tracks and brings the campaign activity information right inside the individual contact of your SuiteCRM. You can get the list of all campaigns sent and confirmation for email opens and clicks of individual campaigns. So you can now easily send more relevant follow-ups to your customers without any hassle.

What’s more this release includes

In this release, we have fixed some nasty issues and made performance improvements in SuiteCRM MailChimp.

Paired with the SuiteCRM MailChimp’s existing features, now it gives you a complete picture of your MailChimp Campaign analytics right in your SuiteCRM. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give a try and let us know your feedback in the comments below or write to us at [email protected].

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