Analyse & Process Woocommerce Customer data inside Vtiger CRM

June 28, 2016

CRM software are getting more and more sophisticated day by day. The customer follow up process are made better with the effective use of Vtiger Mailchimp Integrations, which increases the Lead conversion rate. Leads Builder for CRM has been configured to maintain all the customer data in a unique location by pushing your WooCommerce data into Vtiger CRM in the the way you want.

WooCommerce to Vtiger CRM

The customer information can be captured as leads or directly as contacts into your Vtiger CRM.  We would advise you to use

       a) Contact option, if you are having a Cash on Delivery and do manual user conversion in CRM,  and

       b) Lead for automated Conversion option if you have an Online payment.

Automated CRM Contact Capture:

Leads Builder for CRM helps you to build your CRM contact from your eCommerce website built with WooCommerce. The details from the WooCommerce checkout are synchronized as your CRM Contacts. You can map the WooCommerce fields to the fields of your CRM contacts in eCommerce integration.

Automated CRM Lead Conversion:

Leads Builder for CRM has been configured to synchronize your customer information from WooCommerce as your CRM Lead while checkout and convert them as Contact once the payment is complete. It helps you to easily manage and analyse your customer data in a centralised CRM location.

Automated CRM Sales order:

Leads Builder for CRM automates your Vtiger CRM sales order after the successful payment of your WooCommerce product order. It  automatically updates the Vtiger product details of quantity,lead owner, in stock details, price, etc. It also converts the Lead as your CRM contacts and deletes the information from your CRM Leads module.

Leads Builder for CRM comes in a free version with enhanced user interface, available at You can check out the free trial or live demo of our Pro version and have a look at the plugin in use there. You can read more on our product page or write to us at [email protected] for any feature requests or feedbacks. We are happy to hear from you!